Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sharing is Caring: A beautiful pagan perspective

I will have a real post as soon as I can.  The various forms of Gaia's displeasure are still taking their toll on my time management skills.  Today I have a deep and eloquent post to share with you from another member of the Mid-Atlantic Pagan Community.

'A direct descendant of the Salem Witch Trials accuser is a Witch.'  It almost sounds like a punchline to a bad joke but it's the truth.  One gentlemen of this linage has taken a journey into his family history and his spiritual background and found peace.

Please take a moment to read about his journey over at David's Cauldron in the post A Healing Journey to Salem.

Blessings and Peace 

David Salisbury's Personal Blog: Descended from Witch Hunters - A Healing Journey to Salem: A Healing Journey to Salem

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