About Me

I am known as Kat in my local and regional magical community. I have been reading tarot cards for almost fifteen years. It began as a game of oneupmanship in a college dorm and quickly blossomed into an intuitive gift to share with others. I have been reading professionally at private parties and special events since 2001. In 2009 I began to offer readings through email as well as individual appointments. Broadening and enhancing my abilities is a never ending goal for me and I continue to attend classes and workshops to gain experience and skills.

Within my magical practice I self identify as a solitary eclectic neo-pagan witch and my personal spiritual practice is a mixture of Goddess Tradition spirituality and elemental based magic. As with my continuing Tarot education, I am an active member of my local magical communities and consistently attend circle, workshops, classes, events and conferences to broaden my magical knowledge.

Please see below for actual comments/reviews from my customers.


  1. Kat, thanks so much, you are amazing! I found the reading very helpful and accurate, you are extremely intuitive and most definitely have a precious gift. I'm so glad to have met you, this reading has been like therapy during a trying time. THANKS A MILLION. You have definitely not seen the last of me.

  2. Hi Kat!
    I just have to say thank you for the incredible reading you did. Many of my friends could have done it, but I wanted someone removed from my inner circle, someone who doesn't know anything about me. My reading was to help identify blockage for financial gain...and you really picked up on allot of stuff happening in my life at the moment...I was so impressed by your accuracy! I have been aware of these different things, but your reading put everything into a different perspective...made things make sense, and something I can now work with to remove my own self impossed blockages, plus work with external factors.

    I have, and will continue to recommend your readings to anyone who asks..and even those who don't. Many thanks to you...

    Brightest Blessings
    Karen from Tatting For Spirit