Custom Spell Crafting

Spells and Magick are a means to bring your will into the world and/or to ask for the assistance of the Divine in reaching your goals.  Most basically spells are a set of actions designed to bring about a desired effect.

I have been casting spells and facilitating rituals for many years, and have written a variety of simple spells with detailed instructions that can be successful for anyone.  The spells range through many different topics and complexities; everything from money to healing and from a simple candle spell to a three day working.  Please visit my Current Inventory page for an idea of what I have ready to ship.

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I also offer co-operative spell crafting. By this I mean we would review your intentions and and the desired result of the spell. With your input I then craft a spell designed only for you to fit your needs and comfort.  If desired you will receive all the required spell components (such as incense, candle, stones ect.) as well as full page (at least) detailed instructions for you to perform the spell.  I also offer 'help-desk' like assistance should you have any questions about the working.

Personal Consultations are available through email, phone or in person (if you're local to the Baltimore-DC Metro area).  As the cost for this crafting and supplies can vary greatly, we would plan, discuss the details and agree on a price together before I write the spell.