Friday, June 24, 2011

Featured Favorites Friday - Them Crazy BNR'S!!

First, Good Morning and Welcome to all new followers from Mint Green with Envy and wicked darlings from Pagan Culture!  I am sponsoring a giveaway here and here!

Now, what is a BNR you say?!  Only the most addicting and most awesome Etsy thing EVER!!!  At it's most basic a BNR, which stands for Buy-N-Replace, is a treasury of lovely shops; you purchase something from one of said lovely shops and an item from your shop replaces the shop that just got a sale.  It's a fantastic way to get exposure and network and add views and hearts and go holiday shopping and meet some SUPER people!

One of my dearest BNR/BNS friends from 'over there' is Silvia of VerityUnMondoAParte.  Her style is fabulous and her friendship is uplifting.  It's also very nice to start selling on Italy time, as it makes for a long sales day!

pink cuffs cotton crochet - very romantic girl

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Silvia: Yes, there is a special place: the woods near my house...I love nature, the trees, the parfum of flowers, the colors of all I can see in my wood...but I can get my creative inspiration everywhere, in everytime and in everything ^_^
How did you get started in BNR's/BNS's?
Silvia: I started with thanks to one of my friends (gufobardo) that introduce me to this "magic world".  I think that this is a great way to promote my shop and to meet very nice people ^_^

Next let me introduce you to Christine of SoapSudsBabyDuds. She is almost always running a BNR or BNS (Buy-n-Stay) and has even started her own team to help get the word out about the awesome opportunities that await etsy-ians in a BNR.

Watermelon - Goats Milk Handmade Soap - 4oz

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Christine: I have always been pretty creative but I didnt really start doing much with it until my boys came along. They really inspired me and with my baby blankets I like to let them help pick fabric, which they love to do. And they always sample my scents for soap to approve!!!
How did you get started in BNR's/BNS's?
Christine: I really just stumbled upon a BNR one day and jumped right in. I went a little crazy at first with them but I love participating in them and I love curating my own!

Maureen of Paper2Roses is one of my Northern BNR buddies.  Her paper-crafting skills make beautiful blooms as final products and also for altered-artists to use in their creations!

Vintage Crinkle Hand-sewn Satin Flowers

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Maureen: From the time I was very young, I was always creating.  Papers, Fabrics & Fibers always triggers ideas! My ideas come to me during a long walk, a day in the mountains, or just simply when things are quiet and I am doing my yoga!  I am always inspired and motivated with comments from my customers! They are the best!
How did you get started in BNR's/BNS's?
Maureen: My friend Lorenda at EnchantedAcresDesign first invited me to a BNR.   Through visiting with the other Etsians, during a bnr/bns,  your family of friends begins to grow.  Its a great place to see wonderful new items,  have a nice afternoon chatting, and having fun all at the same time. There are BNR specials, and I like that I can buy supplies from other Etsians.

I would be severely remiss if I did not share with you Martine of 2fillesdunord.  I believe my first sale ever was in one of her BNR's and she is an exceptional curator!  She has also started a team to help us promote each other.

Verd√Ętre- filigree bracelet with

flower and vintage buttons

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Martine: My creative inspiration comes from late nights with many glasses of wine, hours of watching Fashion television and an (admitted) shopping addiction. And, of course, I can't forget- my great-grandmother's and grandmother's button collections! I fell in love as soon as I saw them. I love to imagine where they used to be... the outfits... the stories... They are heirlooms to me.
How did you get started in BNR's/BNS's?
Martine: Honestly, I completely forgot how I got started in BNRs and BNSs! I think I might just have stumbled across them. The addiction is bad when you can't remember its source! Let's just say I did my part and converted many new addicts!

Our next guest always starts with the most sparkly (and typically pink) treasury BNR's.  LPK (as she's known) of LittlePinkKangaroo is a bright and shiny lady with loads of paper talents!

With Love Pink Floral Altered Mini book

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
LPK: My inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, usually from things that move me. I could be doing laundry or out grocery shopping , jogging outside or even just sitting in my room, great ideas come to mind. I keep a small journal with me at all times. When those ideas hit me, I write them down right away, while everything is still fresh in my mind. I love being able to turn ideas into reality. I'm very passionate about what I do and being able to share my passion with others brings joy to my life.
How did you get started in BNR's/BNS's?
LPK: I was browsing through treasuries one day and came across all these BNR's / BNS's but was confused on how to get started so I left. A few weeks after that, a good etsy friend invited me to join her BNR and I have been hooked ever since. I must say, I have met so many wonderful people through participating these BNR's. I feel truly blessed.

Tara, at BuyHerBeads, is a delightful careing person who always has the invites to the best BNR's.  She'll also always follow your invitation too and if nothing else, drop in and say 'HI!'  She always does her best to support her fellow BNR'rs and have fun with us at the same time.

Like Pink Disco Lemonade

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Tara: I am inspired by Nature, History, Science, and Passion. My family has always created things and had productive hobbies. I have had many loves, but jewelry making beats them all! Creating with stone beads and wire is happy play therapy for me. I delight in seeing the supplies turn into a brand new creation. My creation! I love spreading the love one stone at a time too. My etsy bead shop allows me to gather more beads and supplies with which to play. I started making jewelry almost 10 years ago and started my first etsy shop in 2007. Oh, how I love etsy and the people of etsy!

How did you get started in BNR's/BNS's?
Tara: I stumbled onto the BNRs and BNSs on the old etsy forums. They said "Games" and I just had to check it out. I love games! Card games, board games, written games, oral games, video games. I fell instantly in love with the etsy games. I cannot express enough the joy the games have given me and the valued friends I have found. I lost my computer for a while, and had to leave etsy and the games. I am back now full force. I adore my game friends and their fabulous shops, supplies, and creations! Always an opportunity to meet new people and share new ideas. And Get Exposure. :D

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tarot Wednesday - The Sun (19)

First, Good Morning and Welcome to all new followers from Mint Green with Envy!  I am sponsoring a giveaway of one Celtic Cross reading and one Money and Success reading.  My regular followers, please head over here and enter!

Second, Good Morning and Welcome to all new followers (aka wicked darlings) from Pagan Culture!  I am sponsoring a giveaway of a Custom Spell Kit and Witch Bottle and it's amazing to have you here too.  My regular followers, please head over here and enter too!

Our next stop as we wander backwards through the Major Arcana is #19, The Sun.  Ridiculously appropriate timing as, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the season of the Summer Solstice.  It's the Sun's day!

In my most used deck (Celtic Dragon Deck by DJ Conway and Lisa Hunt) the Sun is all about power. I would post it here to show you, but blogger is being silly.  It's a fiery card with three fire dragons on the wing, creating a sun with their flame.  To me this is the card of "I have the power to complete my journey".  The light is also bringing illumination to all the dark places and unconcious thoughts that may hamper one through the journey of the Major Arcana.

In the Rider-Waite deck the Sun has a baby carrying a victory banner under the summer sky.  Unlike my issues with Judgment in this deck, this card really translates well for me.  Enlightened innocence crying victory over unseen forces.  It's also about power, success but also hope.  My favorite version of this 'traditional' card is pictured here from the Romani Tarot by Buckland.  I love the colors and the PURE JOY on the child's face.

When I pull this card for a client in the upright position I like being able to tell them that they have the resources to power through to success.  When reversed, it's less fun to tell them that something is taking their personal power away, and they are probably helping their opposition.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Intentional: Happy Mid-Summer!

Happy Litha everyone!  This SI is very very very short, because I had a weekend FULL of magick.

First, a HUGE thank you to everyone at the Central Maryland Pagans Two-Year Anniversary Picnic.  We Rocked the Pot-Luck!  The belly-dancing was fantastic, the kids had a blast and I even ran a silly and fun Litha ritual to the Sun God and the Faeries of the place.  Morgaine and I are SO blessed to have such an awesome group of people with us!

Second, thank you to all the Druid and friends at Cedar Light Grove, ADF.  Your ritual among the Well, the Fire and the Tree was beautiful, inspiring and powerful.  It's so wonderful to have you all as a part of the greater Maryland pagan community.

Blessed Solstice to everyone!

Summer Solstice BOS illustration by gwathy

Friday, June 17, 2011

Featured Favorites Friday - The MAGICK edition!

Welcome to the second edition of Featured Favorites Friday (which shall henceforth be know as FFF).  This week I am featuring some of my Tarot Guild and Witches of Etsy team mates.  I think it's fantastic that we have all be able to find each other and create a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere that I believe will help us continue to grow as readers and magick users.

Meg of ColorMeMagick first astounded me with her stunning and unique colored offering plates.  As she continues to add selection to her store, I've become more and more entranced by her use of magickal colors.


 Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
How does your religion impact your creativity?

Meg: Wicca, creativity and inspiration are all combined. I did some "seeking" a while ago and investigated Wicca but didn't commit. It's a little difficult as a Solitary to generate the whole thing alone. But the imagery, colors and concepts simmered for a year or more. When the rest of my studio work started to get old I realized the way to get inspired again was to just release into the energy flow and embrace Wicca and all of the art and imagery I could see in it. So Wicca brings the inspiration with it. It all sings together!

One of the most magical pieces of fabric I ever bought came from my next Featured Favorite (FF), FreeDragonFabrica.  She specializes in vintage fabric, quilts and beautiful hand dyed painted fabric pieces.

hand dyed/painted wolf and moon fabric

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Dragon: I'm strange, my creativity usually comes from irritation- I'll have problems with a product and think, 'I could do a better job of designing this!' If you want a more normal answer, I like nature, fantasy, and history, especially stories that aren't well known.

How does your religion impact your creativity?
Dragon: That's a tough question for me because I don't ever stop being a witch. Sometimes I take the time to infuse my work with intent- I'll cleanse all the materials with incense. I'll light a candle and ask for the project to go smoothly. I'll think about the meaning of colors/numbers and try to put things in harmony. I always do magick for a baby quilt. If I get stuck, I might ask one of my Goddesses for help- Grandmother Spider, Isis, Oya, or Hecate.

Annette of LuckyceesCloset has become a valued team mate and I give her great respect as a reader.  Her gregarious personality shines through her listings and amazingly supportive comments.

Vampire Heart Goth Pendant

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Annette: After my husband got sick and needed surgery, we had to move him to the small downstairs bedroom. I turned the large upstairs room into a combination bedroom, office, and craft area. I surrounded myself with beautiful things (many from Etsy friends!), set up a table and supplies, a desk with my computer and photo equipment, and away I went! I sell a variety of items, including vintage, all of which I find beautiful and inspiring (and sometimes silly!). I get so much inspiration from my Etsy teammates! I never know what I want to make until I see the fabulous supplies offered.

What's your favorite part of the etsy selling experience?
Annette: I have to say that that has been my favorite part of this experience! Being part of a team, the camaraderie and support from all of these wonderfully creative people, has really spurred me on to do my best! I have also restarted my Tarot card readings, after a long hiatus. Again, inspired by my teammates, I rediscovered my love and avocation for the mystic arts. Being a part of the Etsy experience has helped me to heal from the double traumas of my husband's incapacity and my being downsized from a "real" job. I may not get rich, but I'll be happy!

Alura of VampireGothChick  has been a constant inspiration to me since re-joining etsy this year.  Two of my teams rest in her capable hands and her support is unflagging.  She is talented in various ways including jewelry, soap, shabby-chic and even tarot card readings.

Calling Fairies at Sunset Witch's Ladder

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Alura: I love to craft all sorts of items from Witch's Ladders to soaps to journals.  My inspiration comes from several places.  First and foremost would be my husband, who inspires me on many levels.  He appreciates the passion I have in creating my crafts and he is supportive even after I spend $100 buying craft supplies when we're low on groceries.  I'm also inspired by Mother Earth, who is kind enough to whisper blessings to me as I create.  I feel very connected to nature!!  This connection is something I've had since I was around 12 years old.  I find it profound and enlightening!

How does your religion impact your creativity?
Alura: Being Wiccan, and an Avalonian Priestess, I feel that I infuse everything I create with Goddess energy.   Everything is made with positive energy and everything I create is blessed (by me) and created to bring good energy to the person willing to receive it!

What first caught my eye when 'meeting' our next FF, Kate, is her wicked fantastic sigil in her icon.  It's awesome!  When I saw WhiteMoonWitchcraft's icon I immediately thought "now here's a witch I can enjoy!"

Gothic Love Spell Bottle

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Kate: The beauty in nature mostly.  It never ceases to amaze me that something as beautiful and diverse as say, gemstones, which come in every color of the rainbow and can be used for so many human needs for mind body and soul, can be dug right out of the earth.  The same goes for common herbs and flowers, the quiet beauty of a candle flame, the terrifying power of a thunderstorm, the way pictures in clouds reflect our lives...  that sort of stuff.  It's right in front of us all the time, we just have to see it. 

How does your religion impact your creativity?
Kate: That's  a very tough question.  I will try to keep it short and sweet rather than wax too poetic about it.  I see and feel Magick in everything, which I suppose can be called religion.  This magick is in everything I create.  It's hard to pinpoint exactly how my beliefs impact my creations, because my beliefs are my way of life and always in the background, without even thinking about it, if that makes any sense.

The current resident dragon of DragonsMoon is Suzanne, a mystic and artist that creates beautiful works to bring into your home or can share the insight of the cards with you.

Flaming Candle Holder

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Suzanne: I'm inspired by the things I love, nature mostly, but also fantasy, myths, counter-cultures. I get an idea and I put it together. Occasionally I will have an idea, I'll see it in my minds eye, I'll start to create it and something takes over and the item is beyond what I envisioned. I suprise myself on occasion and it always gives me a good giggle.  

How does your religion impact your creativity?
Suzanne: By definition, I am not religious. I do not follow any dogma or strict way of being as dictated by some formal concept. However, religion is one avenue in Sprituality. I am a very spiritual person and the beliefs an interests I have in my spirituality play a part in my art at times. It can be seen by all in the focus of the item being made, it can be found, but not seen by anyone but me, in the creative process of the piece.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tarot Wednesday - Judgment (20)

Moving forward (well... backwards) through the Major arcana one comes to Judgment.  Just the name of this card sounds foreboding, but perhaps that is because each of us is concerned that we could never pass true un-biased judgment of our actions and motives.

Rider-Waite Tarot

Now, I must be 100% honest with you; I can't read the Rider-Waite deck... like at all. So, the imagery for this card is difficult for me to explore.  This feels like the 'Final Judgment Day' when the angel is calling the true believers up to heaven.  I look at the people standing in coffins reaching up to their creator, and I wonder how many will actually find true paradise.

I know that the more typical meaning of this card (in this deck) is the awakening, the step as one is finishing the journey of the major arcana.  This is the card that comes right before you see where your cycle fits within the larger cycles around you.  Interestingly it can symbolize a beginning just as much as an end.

Were I reading this card, depending on the situation, I may ask the querent to consider if they are using judgment, following the judgment of others or  being judgmental.  I would perhaps caution them to be prepared for some type of legal action or judgment from others; consider preparing and gathering information that may help lay out their side of the story.

Celtic Dragon Tarot

As previously established, my preferred deck for client readings is the Celtic Dragon Tarot by DJ Conway and Lisa Hunt.  The colors as well as the expressions on the faces, both human and dragon, just speak volumes to the intuitive part of me.

This dragon is either an agent of healing or an agent of mercy; either way the persons current cycle is at completion and they will be moving on.  He makes me feel at peace with whatever must come to pass as I believe this agent will make a fair decision and act accordingly.

I tend to get this card when the querent is looking at a situation where they are about to be judged on their action and I caution them to take protective action if they can.  It also tends to come up for long-term or difficult illnesses are involved in the situation.  While not my favorite card, I do respect the potential of #20 - Judgment.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Intentional: Book of Shadows

I'm not always (in fact very rarely) able to just 'come up with' a topic that I want to delve into.  Thankfully there is a site that can help!  PaganBlogPrompts posts blog topic weekly that ask bloggers to really delve into different aspects of their faith and/or how their faith effects interactions with others/current events.  Without this resource I would NOT be able to keep this blog effectively.  I may not use a prompt every time, but it helps just to know the resource is there.

Prompt from May 12, 2011: Book of Shadows
"What is your Book of Shadows (or Grimoire) like, if you even have one? What does it look like? What sorts of things does it contain? Is it completely handmade, or store-bought?"

Celtic Crow Beautiful Handmade Journal.

When I think of the term Book of Shadows (BOS) I think of a heavy hand-made book, beautifully adorned with mystic symbols containing handwritten sheets of spells and correspondences.  I can almost smell the ink splattered parchment and feel the tattered edges.  It should be pretty and sacred and hold an air of importance and otherworldly-ness.  This is the BOS I have in my mind, it very much looks like this one from mysticmoonmedia (which I desire greatly!).

I'm also a Taurus so I want organization, tabs, dividers, heck, even a book mark or two.   I want tables and indexes and cross reference notes.  I want sections for spells, rituals, herbs, correspondences, deities, path-workings, tarot, other divination, sacred places, meditations, dreams, goals, tools, resources, fae, spirits, recipes, the Wheel of the Year, class notes, rocks and animals too.  Maybe even a section called 'people of note' with a Rolodex or address book.

In reality my BOS is a mish-mash of composition journals, electronic files, loose-leaf notes and workshop handouts.  Every so often I tell myself that I'm actually going to sit down at the computer and really fully digitize my BOS; because I know better than to tell myself I'll actually have the self discipline to sit down and put together a physical BOS.  Truth be told, I'm a practical witch.

Man has created the technology to store nearly infinite amounts of data in plastic covered chips that are smaller than a thumbnail.  Not only that but operating systems allow you to name, sort, categorize, separate and even cross reference files.  Think of all the search-able file types and the artwork that is available at the click of a button. A truly working computerized BOS could be almost as magickal as the hand-bound paper, and easier to search through as well.

Friday, June 10, 2011

First Featured Favorites Friday!

For this first feature post I would like to share some incredible artists that I have met through an amazingly supportive team on Etsy, Time-Travelers-Team.  This group of fantastic artists seem so different in terms of style and artistic mediums but we're all brought together through an enjoyment of the nostalgic, vintage and/or neo-Victorian style.  The members of TTT are so supportive and willing to actually share ideas, experiences and parts of our lives.

One of my favorite team-mates and chat-buddies is Joan Kelly, the artist responsible for CosmikSouls

Vintage Inspired Baroque Lace Bridal Choker

I asked my friend what inspires her beautiful creations?
Joan: This is a tribute line to my Dad whom I lost a year and a half ago.  He gave me a lifetime of creative influence.  His name was Cosmos hence Cosmik Souls. Creative inspiration for me comes from all things in my world; they become intrinsic to my heart and soul. I love to study nature, music, people, cultures,dance, language, the world and universe.
And what is her favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Joan: The best part of Etsy for me is the incredible community of talented artisans and sellers who have become friends. I am totally in this because of all of their support.  I didn't even know how to do a chat or an upload when I began. And it's not just about the helpful instruction, it's people who care to make the world a better place through support and kindness.

I just want the whole inventory of my team-mate Melissa Walker's store ImmortalVisions

Ode To Dracula - Lucy's Diary Note Card

What inspires your beautiful creations?
Melissa: The first answer I came up with is 'childhood imagination'. As a kid, I was a history geek who read encyclopedias for fun. From there, I moved on to Egyptology, Greek mythology and fantasy. I believed Narnia was real and if only I could find an old wardrobe, I could get there. :-)
My parents were big movie fans and I spent a lot of time watching horror films with Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, and the old Sinbad movies were a big influence. I read Stoker's 'Dracula' when I was 11 years old and was never quite right afterward. 

What is your favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Melissa: Hands down, meeting the darklings. I love my customers and team mates. The 'dark' creativity found here is amazing and I would have never guessed I'd make so many new friends through my shop. And, for the record: I know a lot of different people from many walks of life, and the darklings are, without a doubt, the nicest people on Earth.

Ladies' Hats Series: AYA

My dear Simo of BlackPumpkin is a fantastically talented artist who has a smile that you can feel through the internet.

What inspires your beautiful creations?
Simo: I have always loved (and still do) comics and illustration, but never tried drawing seriously. Last year I found a nice website about drawing whimsical subjects and fell in love with it. It was a way of letting out all the "weirdness" I had in my brain. :))
And now I cannot stop it!! 

What is your favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Simo: On etsy I found a lot of very creative and inspiring people. I like the way everyone is always ready to help and the care everyone puts in making customers happy with their orders.

CAKE OR DEATH Gothic Victorian Perfume Oil

Sara of SaraWen Perfume Art is a supportive teammate with a amazing sense of humor and immense creative talent.

What inspires your beautiful creations?
Sara: My creative inspiration comes from the things I love - such as books, music, film, people, even food! One of my personal favorite scents, 'Cake or Death', obviously came about from my love of pretty cakes, as well as my favorite British comedian, Eddie Izzard. Those who know of Eddie will understand the 'Cake or Death' reference!

What is your favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Sara: I'd have to say it's the love of community and support of other Etsy sellers that I truly enjoy. As a new entrepreneur, it's wonderful to have that sense of belonging and support, which you don't often find at other selling sites. I do have one other favorite part - when a customer gives you that super positive feedback and you can tell they were very happy with their purchase!

Mad (as she's known) of MadScientistsDesigns is one of our fantastic fearless Leaders!  Her dedication to her teams is part of what makes TTT such a wonderful supportive place.

Claudia Inspired OOAK Steampunk Coil Ring 006 Resistance is Futile

What inspires your beautiful creations?
Mad: Actually, I get my inspiration all around me. I love custom requests and have started several new “Inspiration” lines recently generated by special requests. I am a visual person, so I often get inspiration from the things I see. I love nature and animals and I think that reflects in my jewelry.

What is your favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Mad: My favorite part of the Etsy selling experience has been meeting the wonderful, supportive people on my teams and really beginning to express myself creatively.

Ladies, thank you so much for being a part of the Time-Travelers-Team.  The team has really helped make my etsy experience positive and supportive and will continue to help me stay here, explore new ideas and reach out of the mundane.  Please know that you are all appreciated!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tarot Wednesday: 21 - The World

Let's go backwards through the Major Arcana and start with #21 - The World

Wikipedia says "The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool." and while that's an accurate description, I feel there is much more to the card than just the demarcation of the end of a cycle.

The deck I typically use is The Celtic Dragon Tarot by DJ Conway and Lisa Hunt.  In the card you can see the connected-ness of all things; the cycle of life from dragonett to powerful dragon to wise drake.  I also appreciate that both male and female are represented.  For me this card signifies that the current journey has been completed, but given the interconnectedness of all lives and paths of choice, the journey is never truly ended.  However, the card in this deck seems very kind, almost bright and shiny, certainly optimistic.  Were this card to come up in a reading I would most likely read it as a positive end to a chapter or situation in the person's life.  I would suggest they take some moments to sit back from their emotions and look at the whole situation with the intention of acceptance.

 My other oldest and most worn deck is the Crow's Magic Tarot by Londa Marks.  I love this deck because it's mean, direct and to the point.  I typically don't bring it out for clients unless they've walked in with attitude.  This card can almost make you dizzy.  You're looking down on the world a midst the timeless symbols of cycle.  It makes one realize that the whole is so much bigger than a person can truly understand and it encompasses the beginning and the end of time as well as everything in between.  Were this card to come up in a reading I would caution the querent to step back and look at the WHOLE picture, because their perspective may be skewed.

To be truthful, I don't believe I have had this card come up in a client's reading very often at all.  I think this is because when people are requesting a reading they are typically in the middle of a situation, not at the end of the journey.  More often this card comes up when I'm using the cards as a research tool for myself.  I would be interested to know what other reader's experience with The World has been.

Monday, June 6, 2011

An Introduction and Schedule of Posts

Good morning everyone, which at this moment is no one. The first post is going to be the seemingly-required introduction (which will also be on my AboutMe page).

I am known as Kat in my local magical community. I have been reading tarot cards for over ten years. It began as a game of oneupmanship in a college dorm and quickly blossomed into an intuitive gift to share with others. I have been reading professionally at private parties and special events since 2001. In 2009 I began to offer readings through email as well as individual appointments. Broadening and enhancing my abilities is a never ending goal for me and I continue to attend classes and workshops to gain experience and skills.

Within my magical practice I self identify as a solitary eclectic neo-pagan witch and my personal spiritual practice is a mixture of Goddess Tradition spirituality and elemental based magic. As with my continuing Tarot education, I am an active member of my local magical communities and consistently attend circle, workshops, classes, events and conferences to broaden my magical knowledge.

My plan is to allow this blog to serve as a marketing tool for myself and other metaphysical sellers, but also as a tool to enhance my self-discipline and self exploration practices.

Starting next Sunday night I will be posting from a prompt designed to make me really explore and define my magical faith and practice. Wednesday will be 'Tarot Card Day' and I will post and talk about one of the cards and what it means to me personally as well as in my readings. Friday I will share my favorites and finds on etsy or other marketplaces.

I would like this blog to become a bit of an open forum and will invite my readers to share their thoughts and experiences without fear of ridicule or flaming. All faiths and paths are welcome as long as respect can be maintained.

I look forward to sharing with others as my readership grows.