Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tarot Wednesday - Judgment (20)

Moving forward (well... backwards) through the Major arcana one comes to Judgment.  Just the name of this card sounds foreboding, but perhaps that is because each of us is concerned that we could never pass true un-biased judgment of our actions and motives.

Rider-Waite Tarot

Now, I must be 100% honest with you; I can't read the Rider-Waite deck... like at all. So, the imagery for this card is difficult for me to explore.  This feels like the 'Final Judgment Day' when the angel is calling the true believers up to heaven.  I look at the people standing in coffins reaching up to their creator, and I wonder how many will actually find true paradise.

I know that the more typical meaning of this card (in this deck) is the awakening, the step as one is finishing the journey of the major arcana.  This is the card that comes right before you see where your cycle fits within the larger cycles around you.  Interestingly it can symbolize a beginning just as much as an end.

Were I reading this card, depending on the situation, I may ask the querent to consider if they are using judgment, following the judgment of others or  being judgmental.  I would perhaps caution them to be prepared for some type of legal action or judgment from others; consider preparing and gathering information that may help lay out their side of the story.

Celtic Dragon Tarot

As previously established, my preferred deck for client readings is the Celtic Dragon Tarot by DJ Conway and Lisa Hunt.  The colors as well as the expressions on the faces, both human and dragon, just speak volumes to the intuitive part of me.

This dragon is either an agent of healing or an agent of mercy; either way the persons current cycle is at completion and they will be moving on.  He makes me feel at peace with whatever must come to pass as I believe this agent will make a fair decision and act accordingly.

I tend to get this card when the querent is looking at a situation where they are about to be judged on their action and I caution them to take protective action if they can.  It also tends to come up for long-term or difficult illnesses are involved in the situation.  While not my favorite card, I do respect the potential of #20 - Judgment.

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