Friday, June 10, 2011

First Featured Favorites Friday!

For this first feature post I would like to share some incredible artists that I have met through an amazingly supportive team on Etsy, Time-Travelers-Team.  This group of fantastic artists seem so different in terms of style and artistic mediums but we're all brought together through an enjoyment of the nostalgic, vintage and/or neo-Victorian style.  The members of TTT are so supportive and willing to actually share ideas, experiences and parts of our lives.

One of my favorite team-mates and chat-buddies is Joan Kelly, the artist responsible for CosmikSouls

Vintage Inspired Baroque Lace Bridal Choker

I asked my friend what inspires her beautiful creations?
Joan: This is a tribute line to my Dad whom I lost a year and a half ago.  He gave me a lifetime of creative influence.  His name was Cosmos hence Cosmik Souls. Creative inspiration for me comes from all things in my world; they become intrinsic to my heart and soul. I love to study nature, music, people, cultures,dance, language, the world and universe.
And what is her favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Joan: The best part of Etsy for me is the incredible community of talented artisans and sellers who have become friends. I am totally in this because of all of their support.  I didn't even know how to do a chat or an upload when I began. And it's not just about the helpful instruction, it's people who care to make the world a better place through support and kindness.

I just want the whole inventory of my team-mate Melissa Walker's store ImmortalVisions

Ode To Dracula - Lucy's Diary Note Card

What inspires your beautiful creations?
Melissa: The first answer I came up with is 'childhood imagination'. As a kid, I was a history geek who read encyclopedias for fun. From there, I moved on to Egyptology, Greek mythology and fantasy. I believed Narnia was real and if only I could find an old wardrobe, I could get there. :-)
My parents were big movie fans and I spent a lot of time watching horror films with Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, and the old Sinbad movies were a big influence. I read Stoker's 'Dracula' when I was 11 years old and was never quite right afterward. 

What is your favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Melissa: Hands down, meeting the darklings. I love my customers and team mates. The 'dark' creativity found here is amazing and I would have never guessed I'd make so many new friends through my shop. And, for the record: I know a lot of different people from many walks of life, and the darklings are, without a doubt, the nicest people on Earth.

Ladies' Hats Series: AYA

My dear Simo of BlackPumpkin is a fantastically talented artist who has a smile that you can feel through the internet.

What inspires your beautiful creations?
Simo: I have always loved (and still do) comics and illustration, but never tried drawing seriously. Last year I found a nice website about drawing whimsical subjects and fell in love with it. It was a way of letting out all the "weirdness" I had in my brain. :))
And now I cannot stop it!! 

What is your favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Simo: On etsy I found a lot of very creative and inspiring people. I like the way everyone is always ready to help and the care everyone puts in making customers happy with their orders.

CAKE OR DEATH Gothic Victorian Perfume Oil

Sara of SaraWen Perfume Art is a supportive teammate with a amazing sense of humor and immense creative talent.

What inspires your beautiful creations?
Sara: My creative inspiration comes from the things I love - such as books, music, film, people, even food! One of my personal favorite scents, 'Cake or Death', obviously came about from my love of pretty cakes, as well as my favorite British comedian, Eddie Izzard. Those who know of Eddie will understand the 'Cake or Death' reference!

What is your favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Sara: I'd have to say it's the love of community and support of other Etsy sellers that I truly enjoy. As a new entrepreneur, it's wonderful to have that sense of belonging and support, which you don't often find at other selling sites. I do have one other favorite part - when a customer gives you that super positive feedback and you can tell they were very happy with their purchase!

Mad (as she's known) of MadScientistsDesigns is one of our fantastic fearless Leaders!  Her dedication to her teams is part of what makes TTT such a wonderful supportive place.

Claudia Inspired OOAK Steampunk Coil Ring 006 Resistance is Futile

What inspires your beautiful creations?
Mad: Actually, I get my inspiration all around me. I love custom requests and have started several new “Inspiration” lines recently generated by special requests. I am a visual person, so I often get inspiration from the things I see. I love nature and animals and I think that reflects in my jewelry.

What is your favorite part of the Etsy selling experience?
Mad: My favorite part of the Etsy selling experience has been meeting the wonderful, supportive people on my teams and really beginning to express myself creatively.

Ladies, thank you so much for being a part of the Time-Travelers-Team.  The team has really helped make my etsy experience positive and supportive and will continue to help me stay here, explore new ideas and reach out of the mundane.  Please know that you are all appreciated!

If you want to visit these fine ladies, please visit the links below:

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Melissa of ImmortalVisions:
Simo of BlackPumpkin:
Sara of SaraWen
Mad of MadScientistsDesigns


  1. Kat, this is just wonderful! Thank you so much for the feature and for letting me get to know my fellow Time Travelers better. I feel even more lucky to know them and call them team mates!

  2. Thank you so much for the feature, Kat! Your generosity is part of what makes this team so much fun. :-)

  3. Thank you so much, Kat!! You had a wonderful idea! I'll share it in my blog!
    A big hug!!

  4. Wonderful post! I love reading about my Etsy friends!

  5. Awesome blog post Kat! I love being a part of the Time Travelers and learning more about my teammates. :D

  6. This is such a great post! I love seeing some of my favorite Time Travelers up there... and I look forward to meeting more of them!

    Susan (decadentdelusion)

  7. Kat, what a wonderful blog! I love seeing all these wonderful friends featured. When will you feature yourself? I want to hear about you as well!

  8. Claudia... Oh goodness, I'm bad at featuring myself. That being said I have one giveaway I'm sponsoring in the works as well as one feature (both on someone else's blog).

    If you stay tuned for the Sunday Intentionals, I will be talking about my self, my religion, my craft and my faith :)

  9. Lovely!! Great job and thank you!!!