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Rates for Tarot Readings
Online - Tarot readings start at $3 for the most basic reading, $5 for a simple three-card spread, $10 for a 6-card romance spread, $25 for a deeper 10-card Celtic Cross Reading and I have may options in between and above.
In-Person - I ask for $30 for a 30min reading or $50 for a full hour.  However, I understand the current economy and would be happy to try to work with you.  Trade or payment plan are also options.
Event/Parties - This would be worked out with the Host ahead of time.  Typically $15 per 15min reading with a minimum as per contract.  Again, contact me and I will work with you.

Rates for Spell Crafting
4" Chime Candles:
Basic Candle Spell - $3.00
Simple Sabbat Candle Spell Kit - $4.00
Candle Spell Kit - $6.00
Deluxe Candle Spell Kit - $10.00 and up

6" Taper Candles
Basic Candle Spell - $5.00
Candle Spell Kit - $8.00
Deluxe Candle Spell Kit - $13.00 and up

Custom Spell Craft -  contact me

Crystal and Candle Spell - $4.50
Mini-Spell Bottle Kit - $5.00
Basic Spell Bottle Kit - $8.00
Knot and Sachet Spell - $9.00
Spell Mixes - $3.00
Faerie Wish Bottle - $3.50
Faerie Blowing Powder - $3.00 each, $7 for all three

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