Monday, January 5, 2015

January: The Wolf Moon

Welcome to the  first installment of my 13 Moons Spell series.  I've pulled the moon names out of the Farmer's Almanac (which draws on Native American stories and traditions) for this year and my intention is to create a spell for each moon and eventually gather them together to sell as a set.  As a person who reads my blog, you get first crack at these spells!  I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments as well.

January 5th: The Wolf Moon
"In January snow gathers deep in the woods and the howling of wolves can be heard echoing in the cold still air."  Perhaps it's just because I live in modern times however when I hear the phrase Wolf Moon it makes me think of the strength and determination of these powerful apex predators.  As a spirit guide the Wolf is a strong presence that typically calls on a person to increase or trust their "wild sense" or intuition.  In January it's cold outside and more cold is coming but with the help of the wolf we can be strong and keep moving towards the lighter times.


Light a grey candle, focus on the strength of the Wolf, sit in the light of the Moon and say:
Wolf, we/I hear your call.  Wolf, we/I face your strength
By the light of the Moon, let us/me hunt with you.
In the shadows of the Wood, let us/me breath with you.
Through the trail let our/my intuition be as full as yours.
Wolf we/I share your strength.  Wolf we/I sound your call.

"Moonstruck" original watercolor by MistiqueStudio

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