Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tarot Wednesdays: 14 - Temperance

So.... this card is actually one of my favorites as I try to bring temperance into my life at all times.  Unfortunately, I don't really jive well with the 'typical' representation on the card.

Rider Tarot

Who the heck is this angel and why do we care anyway?  If you look deeper into the story of the cards some will tell you that lots of symbols in this card are about balancing between two worlds.  The angel on hearth, one foot in the water one in land, pouring between the two cups.  I get all that but it doesn't really resonate with me. 
Celtic Dragon Deck

Mt favorite Temperance is by far the Celtic Dragon Deck by DJ Conway and Lisa Hunt.  In this card I can see mind body and spirit working in tandem to strengthen the whole.  Focused intention on creating balance is what this card means to me, and I love it.

I personally strive to bring the energy of this card into my life everyday.  I truly believe that balance and moderation in all things, even moderation, is a key to having a successful and satisfying life.  I may not achieve balance in all the aspects of my life (as a mother, friend, employee, community organizer, reader, witch, human) but I always try.

Where do you find Temperance?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love of the Goddess: Giveaway from The Whimsical Pixie!

Not that I want any of you to win (cause then how could I?!) but check out this great blog and FANTASTIC giveaway!

Love of the Goddess: Giveaway from The Whimsical Pixie!: This month's giveaway comes to us from The Whimsical Pixie . The owner Paula, has donated a gorgeous Pagan ornament for your Yule/Christmas...

Triple Moon Goddess and Pentacle Millefiori Ornament

Friday, November 25, 2011

Featured Favorites Friday: So many pretties!

How can one woman make so many PRETTIES!!!!!

Wire Wrapped Carnelian Pendant

 I have never been so sad about being allergic to copper in my life!  I love this piece, there's something so witchy about it to me.  Kellyann Garcia from MoonKnight Jewels is a vivacious craft-mistress with a sense of humor and style. I had the pleasure of asking a few questions and would love to share the answers with you:

Me: Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?

Kellyann: I find inspiration in my everyday life. I might turn my breakfast into and earring inspiration. I also get inspired by the parts I have to work with. I loved to pull all my parts out and look at their different colors and textures. Then I start pairing them up and out will come a pendent or pair of earrings.

My beading table looks out one of my front windows. Sometimes when I get stuck I like to just stair out the window and clear my mind.

Me: Do any of your pieces have stories associated with them?

Wire Wrapped Ring

Kellyann: I love this ring and was really happy with how it came out. I started making it with out a plan and having know idea how it would look. I just kept adding stuff until I was happy with how it looked.

Ramen Noodles Necklaces

I lived on Ramen for years!


Me: What's your favorite part of the etsy selling experience?

Kellyann: I love that esty brings my crafts to a larger population. I sell my stuff in a few stores, but esty allows people from all over the world to view my shop.

I love the free spirited nature of this shop and it's mistress!

Turquoise and Amethyst Wire Wrapped Necklace

4 Fun Bug soaps

Steampunk Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet

Please check out Kellyann Garcia from MoonKnight Jewels at the links below:
     Etsy Shop:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taort Wednesday: The Tower (16) and The Devil (15)

Well that's a heck of a title!  Anyone besides me a little anxious about this?  Then again transformation is messy.

The Rider Tarot Deck

When searching through the images for The Tower I'm struck by how dramatic they can be.  And the more I look at them the more I see smoke billowing from broken sides of iconic glass and metal.  To me the tower is that split second when one can clearly see the world splintering and falling apart.  The Tower is an experience that will shake you down to your very foundations and penetrates your core.  The world is not exactly as you've seen it so be prepared to be challenged and changed.

The Dragon Tarot

In looking into The Devil, there are also so many provocative images that I almost find it detracts from my ability to see deeper meanings.   When browsing through one of the constant symbols is that of the chains; those ties that bind you to the weights holding you down.  In some ways the devil can be seen as temptation that leads to less enlightened habits, but he can also be as the scapegoat that humanity blames so many downfalls on.  Perhaps the key to working through this card is moving from being leashed by the chain to the one who is holding it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Intentional: Making the Traditionalists Scoff

I'm a solitary eclectic, that much bemoaned classification that makes practitioners of 'traditional witch craft' scoff and/or roll their eyes.  I do not affiliate with any specific tradition or coven, I tend to practice on my own, celebrating the seasons and lunar phases with spells and rituals based on my learning and experience but infused with deeply personal meanings.  I speak words from my own heart and invite the divine in ways unique to me.  May times I sit down to spell work with only a vague idea of how I will be accomplishing my goals; I just let the magick of intuition guide the magick of my intent.

Not being a 'traditional witch' I can only assume the reason for the typical dismissive reactions is that one could use the term 'solitary eclectic' to mean simply 'I do what I feel is right' and I have even shared this frustration when speaking to some people that self identify as I do... because to just 'do what feels right' takes away from the depth of my personal faith and personal praxis.
I take my faith very seriously and have studied it for over ten years now.  I have read multiple books about various types of nature based religions.  I have attended conferences and workshops presented by a multitude of traditions/faiths/paths.  I have participated and/or observed rituals and services of multiple faiths.  I engage people in conversation about their personal faith on a regular basis.  I have taken structured classes and less than structured classes but more than all of that I follow my Goddess and try to live as She bids me.  It's really all any of us can do.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Featured Favorites Friday: The Fall Edition!

Fall card

The first artist I'd like to share with you is someone who's work I've admired for a long time.  How does she make the paper do that?  Alison from JustQuillin on Etsy is a talented card maker utilizing the technique of Quilling or paper filigree.  It is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.  Amazing and fabulous designs!

Decorative Pumpkins

Check out the most adorable pumpkins in the world at  AntlerRidgeDesigns.  SO awesome!

Handmade Harvest Crescent Moon Wall Hanging

But my favorite of my favorites of the season is this beautiful and simple way to honor the season and the divine!  Please take a moment to visit Lizz at the Cauldron Cottage for beautiful pieces of art for your home.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tarot Wednesday (Two for One): The Moon (18) and The Star (17)

So as I said before, I owe you a post so here's a celestial double dose.

Revelations Tarot

I do so love the Revelations Tarot from Zach Wong; the reversals are fantastic art that fully embody the reversed meanings.  What I find the most interesting about The Moon is that the reverse meaning is so similar to the upright.  The Queren'ts life is just a bit crazy either way, the difference being in if they are rolling with the tides or getting bashed against the shore.

I typically also read this card as "you're too emotionally invested to see the problem clearly, consider taking a step back... way back".  There are mysteries here that you've not explored and if allow yourself to be open to hearing them, you will be rewarded.  However, if one can't step back then you will be fighting the tides and what could be inspiration will instead be madness.  Like the waning and waxing, the moon is a two edged card.

The Dragon Tarot

The Dragon Tarot by pleasure and balance.  A very feminine card reminding the querent to look up.

Alternatively, reversed this card indicates a lack of balance and a  track to disappointment.  The querent should be cautious, look out as dreams are crushed, and seek to correct their imbalance.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New stuff for the next season

Winter is one of my favorite seasons.  Between Samhain and Imbolc even with the craziness of the modern holidays, the chance to chill is great.  This weekend I finally had enough time to put some new stuff together and get it actually listed in time!  Check it out!

Yule Wishes Holly and Candle Spell

First the simple and festive use of color magic, oils and scents, and some basic tree lore to have the Holly bring positive opportunities into your life.  I love that this spell is so simple but could be very effective in bringing the spirit of the season into your home.

Red is a color of passion and renewal through fire and the blessed and dressed candle will help focus your intention.

Holly is known as a plant of protection and in this spell you will use the leaves to protect your magical intention through the winter so you can see results as the spring approaches.

Spell Kit - Longest Night and Return of the Sun

My second offering of the season is a two part spell kit that is designed to honor and celebrate the Longest Night and then to welcome the return of the Sun.  Included are two spell candles that will be blessed and dressed with oils, a hand blended spell mix and a mini-altar cloth covered in blue stars.

With this kit my goal is to help people take a few moments and celebrate the Sabbat within the Wheel.