Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tarot Wednesdays: 14 - Temperance

So.... this card is actually one of my favorites as I try to bring temperance into my life at all times.  Unfortunately, I don't really jive well with the 'typical' representation on the card.

Rider Tarot

Who the heck is this angel and why do we care anyway?  If you look deeper into the story of the cards some will tell you that lots of symbols in this card are about balancing between two worlds.  The angel on hearth, one foot in the water one in land, pouring between the two cups.  I get all that but it doesn't really resonate with me. 
Celtic Dragon Deck

Mt favorite Temperance is by far the Celtic Dragon Deck by DJ Conway and Lisa Hunt.  In this card I can see mind body and spirit working in tandem to strengthen the whole.  Focused intention on creating balance is what this card means to me, and I love it.

I personally strive to bring the energy of this card into my life everyday.  I truly believe that balance and moderation in all things, even moderation, is a key to having a successful and satisfying life.  I may not achieve balance in all the aspects of my life (as a mother, friend, employee, community organizer, reader, witch, human) but I always try.

Where do you find Temperance?


  1. I hear you Kat! I am a Libran as well as a Pagan and I strive for this every day of my life...It's hard when I'm passionate about so many things. Best way is to go with your instinct though, what you need to do or be one day may not be as strong in you the next day, so make the most of whatever you do, put all your soul into it, and then I believe the 'balance' will right itself....Blessings!