Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Intentional: Making the Traditionalists Scoff

I'm a solitary eclectic, that much bemoaned classification that makes practitioners of 'traditional witch craft' scoff and/or roll their eyes.  I do not affiliate with any specific tradition or coven, I tend to practice on my own, celebrating the seasons and lunar phases with spells and rituals based on my learning and experience but infused with deeply personal meanings.  I speak words from my own heart and invite the divine in ways unique to me.  May times I sit down to spell work with only a vague idea of how I will be accomplishing my goals; I just let the magick of intuition guide the magick of my intent.

Not being a 'traditional witch' I can only assume the reason for the typical dismissive reactions is that one could use the term 'solitary eclectic' to mean simply 'I do what I feel is right' and I have even shared this frustration when speaking to some people that self identify as I do... because to just 'do what feels right' takes away from the depth of my personal faith and personal praxis.
I take my faith very seriously and have studied it for over ten years now.  I have read multiple books about various types of nature based religions.  I have attended conferences and workshops presented by a multitude of traditions/faiths/paths.  I have participated and/or observed rituals and services of multiple faiths.  I engage people in conversation about their personal faith on a regular basis.  I have taken structured classes and less than structured classes but more than all of that I follow my Goddess and try to live as She bids me.  It's really all any of us can do.


  1. Well said.
    If labels make the witch then just like my wardrobe, I'm not from the designer store of witchcraft. I am that which/witch I am, and that is good enough. My Goddess lets me know that.
    Being a witch is a very personal thing. I find it so distasteful when pagans judge one another. We get enough of that from the non pagans.
    Blessings, Oma Linda

  2. If there was an actual "right" way to believe, we would already do it. Those of us who are "eclectic" find more comfort in muddling through on our own and receiving our own revelations from the assorted powers that be rather than taking some one else's word for it. Find your own way, share your experiences and don't let anyone tell you that you're doing it wrong. Blessings!

  3. Ladies, thanks so much for your comments.

  4. I love this post... it really speaks to me, as I have been struggling with similar issues myself.

  5. Susan, I'm glad to hear that. It's really difficult to deal with expectations on both ends of the spectrum (ie that your ideas are invalid or that anything goes). I think all things in moderation is my best way of dealing.

  6. Kudos to you!
    I, myself don't follow any one path and simply call myself Pagan or Eclectic so I know what you are talking about.

    I agree with Linda & Cauldron Keepers comment :)