Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New stuff for the next season

Winter is one of my favorite seasons.  Between Samhain and Imbolc even with the craziness of the modern holidays, the chance to chill is great.  This weekend I finally had enough time to put some new stuff together and get it actually listed in time!  Check it out!

Yule Wishes Holly and Candle Spell

First the simple and festive use of color magic, oils and scents, and some basic tree lore to have the Holly bring positive opportunities into your life.  I love that this spell is so simple but could be very effective in bringing the spirit of the season into your home.

Red is a color of passion and renewal through fire and the blessed and dressed candle will help focus your intention.

Holly is known as a plant of protection and in this spell you will use the leaves to protect your magical intention through the winter so you can see results as the spring approaches.

Spell Kit - Longest Night and Return of the Sun

My second offering of the season is a two part spell kit that is designed to honor and celebrate the Longest Night and then to welcome the return of the Sun.  Included are two spell candles that will be blessed and dressed with oils, a hand blended spell mix and a mini-altar cloth covered in blue stars.

With this kit my goal is to help people take a few moments and celebrate the Sabbat within the Wheel.


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