Friday, November 25, 2011

Featured Favorites Friday: So many pretties!

How can one woman make so many PRETTIES!!!!!

Wire Wrapped Carnelian Pendant

 I have never been so sad about being allergic to copper in my life!  I love this piece, there's something so witchy about it to me.  Kellyann Garcia from MoonKnight Jewels is a vivacious craft-mistress with a sense of humor and style. I had the pleasure of asking a few questions and would love to share the answers with you:

Me: Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?

Kellyann: I find inspiration in my everyday life. I might turn my breakfast into and earring inspiration. I also get inspired by the parts I have to work with. I loved to pull all my parts out and look at their different colors and textures. Then I start pairing them up and out will come a pendent or pair of earrings.

My beading table looks out one of my front windows. Sometimes when I get stuck I like to just stair out the window and clear my mind.

Me: Do any of your pieces have stories associated with them?

Wire Wrapped Ring

Kellyann: I love this ring and was really happy with how it came out. I started making it with out a plan and having know idea how it would look. I just kept adding stuff until I was happy with how it looked.

Ramen Noodles Necklaces

I lived on Ramen for years!


Me: What's your favorite part of the etsy selling experience?

Kellyann: I love that esty brings my crafts to a larger population. I sell my stuff in a few stores, but esty allows people from all over the world to view my shop.

I love the free spirited nature of this shop and it's mistress!

Turquoise and Amethyst Wire Wrapped Necklace

4 Fun Bug soaps

Steampunk Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet

Please check out Kellyann Garcia from MoonKnight Jewels at the links below:
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