Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taort Wednesday: The Tower (16) and The Devil (15)

Well that's a heck of a title!  Anyone besides me a little anxious about this?  Then again transformation is messy.

The Rider Tarot Deck

When searching through the images for The Tower I'm struck by how dramatic they can be.  And the more I look at them the more I see smoke billowing from broken sides of iconic glass and metal.  To me the tower is that split second when one can clearly see the world splintering and falling apart.  The Tower is an experience that will shake you down to your very foundations and penetrates your core.  The world is not exactly as you've seen it so be prepared to be challenged and changed.

The Dragon Tarot

In looking into The Devil, there are also so many provocative images that I almost find it detracts from my ability to see deeper meanings.   When browsing through one of the constant symbols is that of the chains; those ties that bind you to the weights holding you down.  In some ways the devil can be seen as temptation that leads to less enlightened habits, but he can also be as the scapegoat that humanity blames so many downfalls on.  Perhaps the key to working through this card is moving from being leashed by the chain to the one who is holding it.

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