Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tarot Wednesday (Two for One): The Moon (18) and The Star (17)

So as I said before, I owe you a post so here's a celestial double dose.

Revelations Tarot

I do so love the Revelations Tarot from Zach Wong; the reversals are fantastic art that fully embody the reversed meanings.  What I find the most interesting about The Moon is that the reverse meaning is so similar to the upright.  The Queren'ts life is just a bit crazy either way, the difference being in if they are rolling with the tides or getting bashed against the shore.

I typically also read this card as "you're too emotionally invested to see the problem clearly, consider taking a step back... way back".  There are mysteries here that you've not explored and if allow yourself to be open to hearing them, you will be rewarded.  However, if one can't step back then you will be fighting the tides and what could be inspiration will instead be madness.  Like the waning and waxing, the moon is a two edged card.

The Dragon Tarot

The Dragon Tarot by pleasure and balance.  A very feminine card reminding the querent to look up.

Alternatively, reversed this card indicates a lack of balance and a  track to disappointment.  The querent should be cautious, look out as dreams are crushed, and seek to correct their imbalance.

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