Friday, January 23, 2015

Hold Please...

So, my computer died a sad death.  I have a new one en-route.  I will catch up in early February.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites - "Random things in my house"

Do you have a pretty mug?  I have two, and a pitcher and am looking for an excuse to get a bowl.  Hughes Pottery in Pennsylvania is my sister's favorite potter and I can't say I blame her.  And did I mention they're having a 15% off sale at their etsy shop?

I have this Dragon Scale Mug, which apparently is now out of production so you should be jealous.

And this Oak and Acorn Mug, which was a Kickstarter reward and stunning.

While I may not be a knitter, my fiance is and I'm just looking for an excuse to buy him one of these.

And my little one loves her Renn Faire mug.
Here's where you can find more of these beautiful things:
Etsy Store

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

Oh yes, I have decided that I need another challenge in this year.  Because I'm crazy.

Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf is hosting a 2015 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge.  To play you just have to pick a level, sign up and read.  If you want to be included in a possible prize you can also post reviews and link to them each month.

I'm in!  I plan to get to the Maiden Level and read 6-10 Witchy Books!

Want to play? Click the picture or button on my sidebar to sign up!

2015 Witches &a Witchcraft Reading Challenge

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Resolutions - The Pagan Experience WK 1

 First, many thanks to the lovely Robin Fennelly at The Magickal Pen for beginning a weekly blog event called The Pagan Experience.  As mentioned previously I have been informed by the PTB (Powers That Be) that I need to deepen my understanding of my Faith which I intend to do by making myself write down parts of it.  To that end, here goes.

Resolutions - What are your intentions for this new year? How will you find the resolve to bring them into your manifest life?

Let's ease into things with a list:
  1. 13 Full Moon Spells
  2. 13 God Spells
  3. All 52 Pagan Experience Posts
  4. Maintain seasonally or magically appropriate Altar Space
  5. Open and Honest communication
And now for a bit of 'how':
  1. Posts are already scheduled, just have to be re-scheduled (due to the Pagan Experience being Monday's instead of Fridays) and written
  2. Already have a list of pantheons and about half of the deities picked with corresponding intentions
  3. 1 done, 51 to go :)
  4. Get the decor of the house involved and also my 8yr old
  5. Working on this... always working on this

January: The Wolf Moon

Welcome to the  first installment of my 13 Moons Spell series.  I've pulled the moon names out of the Farmer's Almanac (which draws on Native American stories and traditions) for this year and my intention is to create a spell for each moon and eventually gather them together to sell as a set.  As a person who reads my blog, you get first crack at these spells!  I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments as well.

January 5th: The Wolf Moon
"In January snow gathers deep in the woods and the howling of wolves can be heard echoing in the cold still air."  Perhaps it's just because I live in modern times however when I hear the phrase Wolf Moon it makes me think of the strength and determination of these powerful apex predators.  As a spirit guide the Wolf is a strong presence that typically calls on a person to increase or trust their "wild sense" or intuition.  In January it's cold outside and more cold is coming but with the help of the wolf we can be strong and keep moving towards the lighter times.


Light a grey candle, focus on the strength of the Wolf, sit in the light of the Moon and say:
Wolf, we/I hear your call.  Wolf, we/I face your strength
By the light of the Moon, let us/me hunt with you.
In the shadows of the Wood, let us/me breath with you.
Through the trail let our/my intuition be as full as yours.
Wolf we/I share your strength.  Wolf we/I sound your call.

"Moonstruck" original watercolor by MistiqueStudio

Friday, January 2, 2015

A is for Avalon - Pagan Blog Project 2015 WK 1

EDIT: This was intended to be the first of the 2015 Pagan Blog Project posts however I have found out that the lovely project has come to an end.  As of now the archives are still up so you can click through some really inspiring blogs.

However, I have stumbled upon The Pagan Experience blogging project for 2015 and will be trying them on for size as I still am feeling called to improve my understanding of my own beliefs by writing and sharing them with others.

Greeting Card by SilkAndArt
A is for Avalon

When I hear the word Avalon my heart reaches out to a place shielded in mist and just outside of this world.  In meditation I can remember the stunning blue worn by the Priestesses and the burn of muscles from the first walk up the hill.  I remember the scrying pool of deep black water reflecting the flare of candles or the glow of the night sky.  I remember the bitter cold of the solstice vigil and the blasting heat of the mid-summer fires.  I remember blood and politics, fearlessness and intimidation, peace and manipulation, love and loss.  But most of all my heart is called to the circles within circles centered at the heart of the hill and the rings of mist and water that keeps Avalon apart.

Greeting Card by MiaBradburyArt
Much like the island of Atlantic, in our time the island of Avalon is a myth with dubious historical record or significance; even the connection to Arthurian Legend and Glastonbury Tor can be argued (here's the Wikipedia link).  However the myth of an island run by magical women separated from the mundane world by the mists is a powerful one and a brief search on Amazon shows just how many people have been touched and called to share their Avalon experiences.  The Sisterhood of Avalon has also been reborn as a Celtic Women's Mystery tradition focused on internal work and connections to the growing sisterhood.

Avalon Votives by ArtisanWitchcrafts
For me Avalon, in my meditations and magical workings, is peace and separation.  I call the energies of the mists and the island when I want to be secluded from the mundane world and be able to really focus on what I am doing at the time.  I call when I need the strength of the female bond of sisterhood for guidance or healing.  Unlike calling on the God or Goddess, Avalon comes to me with human messy energy that is flush with emotion and the trials of life; it makes my heart sing with joy and weep with loss all at once which just makes me feel free.