Intuitive Tarot Readings

Intuition is natural. It encompasses all of our senses and is at the center of our survival mechanisms. Intuition tunes us in to our inner and outer world realities. Its awareness moves freely and is not bound by time or distance.

Symbolism has been a visual means to transmit life lessons since ancient times. The symbols on Tarot cards represent natural forces from the cosmos to earth. Like diagnostic storytellers, they show us how we are doing on our path of life.
As your Intuitive Tarot Reader, I will combine my Intuition with my understanding of card meanings to see your core self, what you are experiencing, and the most loving way for you to proceed.

Intuitive Readings are one of the oldest forms of counseling. They empower you by focusing your awareness on the present.

Personal Readings are available through email, phone or in person (if you're local to the Baltimore-DC Metro area). Through email I provide a picture of your spread, a description of the standard meaning of each card, as well as my interpretation of each card and how it relates to the whole spread. In person my readings can be more free-form as we follow the paths of your questions.

Available Readings Include
Simple Reading The most simple readings are one to three card spreads that are designed to very quickly answer one question. 
Basic Reading A Basic Reading typically consists of thee to five cards that examine one question or area of one's life.  Subjects can include finances, employment, relationships or just a glance at what the future holds.
In Depth Reading An In Depth Reading typically consists of seven to ten cards, including the classic Celtic Cross spread, that dig a bit deeper into a situation and provide information about underlying factors and suggest paths to move forward.
Detailed Readings A Detailed Reading typically consists of many cards and is designed to delve very deep into a question or situation.  Some spreads include Past Life, Year Ahead, Zodiac Spread, Relationship.  These type of readings take time and energy but can provide multiple perspectives and a large quantity of information.

Custom Readings without any formal spread are always available upon request.   Please see my Rates and Contact Information page for details.

Local to the Baltimore-DC area? Intuitive Tarot Readings at events always create a positive buzz!
Using a variety of decks I provide insightful and entertaining Readings for multiple attendees. Each person's Party Reading usually lasts from 10 to 15 minutes and can be private or in a group setting.