Monday, June 6, 2011

An Introduction and Schedule of Posts

Good morning everyone, which at this moment is no one. The first post is going to be the seemingly-required introduction (which will also be on my AboutMe page).

I am known as Kat in my local magical community. I have been reading tarot cards for over ten years. It began as a game of oneupmanship in a college dorm and quickly blossomed into an intuitive gift to share with others. I have been reading professionally at private parties and special events since 2001. In 2009 I began to offer readings through email as well as individual appointments. Broadening and enhancing my abilities is a never ending goal for me and I continue to attend classes and workshops to gain experience and skills.

Within my magical practice I self identify as a solitary eclectic neo-pagan witch and my personal spiritual practice is a mixture of Goddess Tradition spirituality and elemental based magic. As with my continuing Tarot education, I am an active member of my local magical communities and consistently attend circle, workshops, classes, events and conferences to broaden my magical knowledge.

My plan is to allow this blog to serve as a marketing tool for myself and other metaphysical sellers, but also as a tool to enhance my self-discipline and self exploration practices.

Starting next Sunday night I will be posting from a prompt designed to make me really explore and define my magical faith and practice. Wednesday will be 'Tarot Card Day' and I will post and talk about one of the cards and what it means to me personally as well as in my readings. Friday I will share my favorites and finds on etsy or other marketplaces.

I would like this blog to become a bit of an open forum and will invite my readers to share their thoughts and experiences without fear of ridicule or flaming. All faiths and paths are welcome as long as respect can be maintained.

I look forward to sharing with others as my readership grows.


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  2. Welcome to the cyber witchy world; I hope you love it here ;-) I checked out your Etsy shop and it's lovely. I wish you the best of luck!