Friday, June 17, 2011

Featured Favorites Friday - The MAGICK edition!

Welcome to the second edition of Featured Favorites Friday (which shall henceforth be know as FFF).  This week I am featuring some of my Tarot Guild and Witches of Etsy team mates.  I think it's fantastic that we have all be able to find each other and create a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere that I believe will help us continue to grow as readers and magick users.

Meg of ColorMeMagick first astounded me with her stunning and unique colored offering plates.  As she continues to add selection to her store, I've become more and more entranced by her use of magickal colors.


 Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
How does your religion impact your creativity?

Meg: Wicca, creativity and inspiration are all combined. I did some "seeking" a while ago and investigated Wicca but didn't commit. It's a little difficult as a Solitary to generate the whole thing alone. But the imagery, colors and concepts simmered for a year or more. When the rest of my studio work started to get old I realized the way to get inspired again was to just release into the energy flow and embrace Wicca and all of the art and imagery I could see in it. So Wicca brings the inspiration with it. It all sings together!

One of the most magical pieces of fabric I ever bought came from my next Featured Favorite (FF), FreeDragonFabrica.  She specializes in vintage fabric, quilts and beautiful hand dyed painted fabric pieces.

hand dyed/painted wolf and moon fabric

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Dragon: I'm strange, my creativity usually comes from irritation- I'll have problems with a product and think, 'I could do a better job of designing this!' If you want a more normal answer, I like nature, fantasy, and history, especially stories that aren't well known.

How does your religion impact your creativity?
Dragon: That's a tough question for me because I don't ever stop being a witch. Sometimes I take the time to infuse my work with intent- I'll cleanse all the materials with incense. I'll light a candle and ask for the project to go smoothly. I'll think about the meaning of colors/numbers and try to put things in harmony. I always do magick for a baby quilt. If I get stuck, I might ask one of my Goddesses for help- Grandmother Spider, Isis, Oya, or Hecate.

Annette of LuckyceesCloset has become a valued team mate and I give her great respect as a reader.  Her gregarious personality shines through her listings and amazingly supportive comments.

Vampire Heart Goth Pendant

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Annette: After my husband got sick and needed surgery, we had to move him to the small downstairs bedroom. I turned the large upstairs room into a combination bedroom, office, and craft area. I surrounded myself with beautiful things (many from Etsy friends!), set up a table and supplies, a desk with my computer and photo equipment, and away I went! I sell a variety of items, including vintage, all of which I find beautiful and inspiring (and sometimes silly!). I get so much inspiration from my Etsy teammates! I never know what I want to make until I see the fabulous supplies offered.

What's your favorite part of the etsy selling experience?
Annette: I have to say that that has been my favorite part of this experience! Being part of a team, the camaraderie and support from all of these wonderfully creative people, has really spurred me on to do my best! I have also restarted my Tarot card readings, after a long hiatus. Again, inspired by my teammates, I rediscovered my love and avocation for the mystic arts. Being a part of the Etsy experience has helped me to heal from the double traumas of my husband's incapacity and my being downsized from a "real" job. I may not get rich, but I'll be happy!

Alura of VampireGothChick  has been a constant inspiration to me since re-joining etsy this year.  Two of my teams rest in her capable hands and her support is unflagging.  She is talented in various ways including jewelry, soap, shabby-chic and even tarot card readings.

Calling Fairies at Sunset Witch's Ladder

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Alura: I love to craft all sorts of items from Witch's Ladders to soaps to journals.  My inspiration comes from several places.  First and foremost would be my husband, who inspires me on many levels.  He appreciates the passion I have in creating my crafts and he is supportive even after I spend $100 buying craft supplies when we're low on groceries.  I'm also inspired by Mother Earth, who is kind enough to whisper blessings to me as I create.  I feel very connected to nature!!  This connection is something I've had since I was around 12 years old.  I find it profound and enlightening!

How does your religion impact your creativity?
Alura: Being Wiccan, and an Avalonian Priestess, I feel that I infuse everything I create with Goddess energy.   Everything is made with positive energy and everything I create is blessed (by me) and created to bring good energy to the person willing to receive it!

What first caught my eye when 'meeting' our next FF, Kate, is her wicked fantastic sigil in her icon.  It's awesome!  When I saw WhiteMoonWitchcraft's icon I immediately thought "now here's a witch I can enjoy!"

Gothic Love Spell Bottle

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Kate: The beauty in nature mostly.  It never ceases to amaze me that something as beautiful and diverse as say, gemstones, which come in every color of the rainbow and can be used for so many human needs for mind body and soul, can be dug right out of the earth.  The same goes for common herbs and flowers, the quiet beauty of a candle flame, the terrifying power of a thunderstorm, the way pictures in clouds reflect our lives...  that sort of stuff.  It's right in front of us all the time, we just have to see it. 

How does your religion impact your creativity?
Kate: That's  a very tough question.  I will try to keep it short and sweet rather than wax too poetic about it.  I see and feel Magick in everything, which I suppose can be called religion.  This magick is in everything I create.  It's hard to pinpoint exactly how my beliefs impact my creations, because my beliefs are my way of life and always in the background, without even thinking about it, if that makes any sense.

The current resident dragon of DragonsMoon is Suzanne, a mystic and artist that creates beautiful works to bring into your home or can share the insight of the cards with you.

Flaming Candle Holder

Is there a special place your creative inspiration comes from?
Suzanne: I'm inspired by the things I love, nature mostly, but also fantasy, myths, counter-cultures. I get an idea and I put it together. Occasionally I will have an idea, I'll see it in my minds eye, I'll start to create it and something takes over and the item is beyond what I envisioned. I suprise myself on occasion and it always gives me a good giggle.  

How does your religion impact your creativity?
Suzanne: By definition, I am not religious. I do not follow any dogma or strict way of being as dictated by some formal concept. However, religion is one avenue in Sprituality. I am a very spiritual person and the beliefs an interests I have in my spirituality play a part in my art at times. It can be seen by all in the focus of the item being made, it can be found, but not seen by anyone but me, in the creative process of the piece.

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