Monday, July 30, 2012

13 Goddess WK12: Australian or Polynesian

Getting posts written and scheduled.  Today I bring you my 12th goddess, a spell to Pele the Hawaiian Goddess of fire and passion.

Pele Original Art Print by Serena Grey of Birds Become Fishes

 Pele – Motivate Me Candle Spell
This spell is best performed mid-day, when the sun is at its highest point, preferably on a Sunday.  The bright and fiery energy of the Sun helps call to mind the fiery power of Pele and her volcano.
On a piece of tissue paper write out, preferably in three words, what you need motivation for.  What are you asking Pele to help light the fire for?  What do you need to complete?  What are you close to finishing but need an extra push?  Focus on the power or Lady Pele as you write.
Use a pin to carve into a red spell candle; let the heat and energy of the volcano move through you.  Consider carving a tribal sun and/or personal symbols that will add power and intention.  Take another moment to focus yoru energy on the candle, yoru petition and the spell to be performed.  Light the candle, burn the petition paper in the candle flame and say (aloud or to yourself): 
Lady Pele, your fire destroys and yet renews
Let this candle light that which is within me.
As the volcano burns and creates
Let this flame heat my passions and move me forward.
If possible, focus and meditate on your desires until the candle is almost burned out.  Combine the ashes and left over wax together and bury it in the earth as close to your home as possible.


  1. Thanks for this post...I do so enjoy all your handy dandy spells.


  2. Thanks Kat! Love this motivate me candle spell! One I will be using! I hope everything is well with you ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Stacy, so glad you like it! I think we could all use a bit more motivation :)