Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blessed Resurrection Sunday (Intentional)

For those who celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I wish you the most blessed of days.

Jesus, son of Joseph, joins an illustrious group of Gods and Goddesses that meet their end and rise again.  A true mystery of each of these deities that grants power and understanding to their followers.
Jesus Christ Welcomes Us Home by ChristianFineArt

Persephone went to the underworld and returned again, bringing spring, growth and hope.
Despair of Persephone by UnseeliEnchantments

Osiris was dismembered and yet his body was searched out by Isis and resurrected with a forever place in the underworld.
Osiris Wall Plaque by KnightsCourt

Inanna also descended into the underworld, was stripped of much of her accoutrements and took power as she returned to the living gods.
Inanna Hand Drum by AncientPowersLive

Odin was tied to the World Tree and died for the wisdom of the nine worlds.
Odin by MizzDraconia

Blessings to all who seek the mysteries.

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