Friday, April 20, 2012

Pagan Blog Project WK16: H is for Hydromancy

HYDROMANCY: divination by the appearance or motion of liquids (as water)

How cool is that?! 
Selenite Crystal Ball by kuberacove
As you may know, I experiment with all types of divination, sometimes even on purpose.  I am very successful with Tarot and Oracle cards of all types, I’ve worked with runes and the I-Ching, pyromancy (fire) is awesome, ceromancy (candle wax) has worked in the past, crystal ball gazing is occasionally very eventful and sometimes I just say things.   

Hydromancy is another form of divination involving the use of water to bring messages and can be done in many ways.

SilverWater by picsoflive
In nature one can sit alongside a body of water, relax one’s mind and gaze into the water.  This is very similar to pyromancy in that everyone experiences it differently.  Images may appear or the sound of the water may become words or messages.  Using the light of a full moon or patterned shade of trees may increase the liminal space that assists in reaching messages.

Black and Blue Scrying Bowl by NewTribeCrafters
When inside one can fill a bowl with water, relax the mind and gaze as above.  When choosing a bowl a simple one may be better than one with a picture or pattern in it.  Also consider the color of your scrying bowl as a completely clear glass bowl may only help you scry your table-top.  The water that is used can be from anywhere but water collected from nature or spring water that has been energized by celestial light (the moon or the sun) may be easier to use.

I have a fantastic Tibetan Scrying Bowl that is used by filling the bowl then creating a vibration on the water with the handles.  Pictures in the ripples and the sounds of the vibrations all help to paint a picture and impart information to me.

If you are looking for additional information I suggest searching up: Martin. A. Del Rio (1551-1608): a Jesuit expert on magic and the occult who wrote, among other books, Disquisitionum magicarum libri sex


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