Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tarot Wednesday: The Tarot House Deck

As I continue indulging my tarot card habit collecting beautiful and meaningful decks, I find more and more I am fascinated and drawn to decks released by independent publishers. There's just something extra special about buying a deck from the creator and it feels like 'back in the day' when almost everyone had their own hand-made version of a deck of cards, due to lack of a printing press. I recently ran into a new deck that I just had to feature here, The Tarot House, which is a collaboration between a mother and daughter and employs a combination of Reiki and Tarot.
The Tarot House by Tricia and Jenny House
The passion to create this unique blend of Reiki and Tarot began with the younger member of the team, Jenny, who wanted to bring the intuition and guidance of the Tarot into her Reiki healing sessions to help expand the experience for the people she was helping. Once this decision was made she searched for a deck that fit her needs; something beautiful, positive and created with love and came to the conclusion that the artwork of her mother, Tricia, would make the best possible deck.

Each card has been induvidually painted by Tricia, the meanings described in detail by Jenny and, after four years of work, the finished deck is a beautiful tool.

You can find images and meanings of the Major Arcana, Swords, Wands, Cups and Pentacles on their website, The Tarot House. The deck can be purchased on etsy as well as through their website directly and has recently been reduced to a (more than fair) price of $24.99 (£14.99) that includes a lovely brocade bag (choose from six wonderful colours), a spread card with layouts of Celtic Cross, Past Present and Future and Chakra spreads, a leaflet with short divinitary meanings, and Reiki healing for harmony.

The beautiful artwork is also available as greeting cards from Etsy and ArtistPublishers.

I love a couple of things about this deck.  The images themselves feel so real, I think because they are not digital creations but instead digitized versions of paint and love on a canvas.  I love that the color pallet is bold but not distractingly so.  The texture and details in each of the pictures just add more possibility for a nuanced reading, and I am very jealous of the creative talent required to paint 78 individual images.
Tarot House Spread

In wandering about their website I also came across a spread that I may have to start using as it just looks like an interesting way to have the cards relate to each other, and after all... isn't that what reading cards is all about?

PS: All these images are used with permission from the artist.  Please take a moment to click through and check out her other wares.

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  1. That is amazing, I love how you find unique Artists who create their own self published tarot cards, they are all very unique and truly powerful. Thank you for discovering them. I have sent you an email about the questions for a feature on my blog. :)

    1. Ana, Thanks for stopping by :) I actually found this deck when the artist purchased a reading from me and decided to pay it forward!

  2. I agree, these are amazing!!! Truly all unique and beautiful!

    1. I love that she took the time to paint each and every card. When are we gonna see a Magic Love Crow deck? I'll pre-order!