Friday, July 22, 2011

Featured Favorites Friday: Elements and the Divine

First, welcome to my visitors from PrettMuchDana!   I'm very excited to be sponsoring another giveaway here with two prizes.  Readers, please swing over and check it out!

I'm not only a practical witch, I'm a stuff witch and an Elemental witch.  I love beautiful and interesting items to use in my spell work and to decorate my altar and to honor the divine and the elements.

Runic Altar Honorings

These Runic Altar Honorings from Marc Victor at RunesRock are a beautiful, portable and really powerfully practical way to honor the divine and the elements.  I love the personality of them as well as the power involved in handcrafting.

More information can also be found at:

Universal Goddess Shrine Handmade Ceramic Pottery

 Diane De Maun at DeBaunFineCeramics has some of the most stunning divinely inspired ceramics I have ever seen, including this Universal Goddess Shrine.  Her use of color, stamping and respect for the symbolism of many world religions has really drawn me to her products.

You can also find her here:

Elemental Pentacle

Coop & Katrina from SignsOfSpirit never fail to make my day working at the Maryland Renaissance Festival just a little brighter.  I have been thankfully able to take a few of their pieces home and I have always enjoyed giving some as gifts.  This Elemental Pentacle is one of favorites and it incorporated the talents of both artisans in the carving, wood burning and painting of such a fantastic piece.  The store has a bit of everything all made with love, respect and care.


  1. Ah Kat, thank you for including us here. I'm really enjoying adding color to Coop's is an ongoing learning process! And...thanks for reminding me, because I painted this one, I have to have Coop cut me another for just wood burning! We are getting close to shutting down the house and heading out for Maryland...we always look forward to the Maryland Renaissance Festival because (as Coop always says) they do EVERYTHING right! See you there!