Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Intentional: Practical Witch?!

One of the terms I introduced in a post (ages ago) is 'practical witch'; not a term one typically bandies about so let me enlighten you and give some background information at the same time.

I'm a solitary eclectic, that much bemoaned classification that makes practitioners of 'traditional witch craft' scoff and/or roll their eyes; a topic I have just decided to save for an upcoming post.  Creating my own faith and praxis means that I have more freedom to improvise in this modern world as I spell and ritual craft.

Example #1: Candle Magick

Money Drawing Spell Candle

So how many spells contain some version of the phrase "Using your athame/a pin carve xxxxxx onto the candle to imprint your intent"?  Well, let me tell you a secret, I don't like getting my athame all waxy and/or I don't have it on me and/or it's a letter opener that couldn't carve into a candle if you tried.  The point of the spell is to take an instrument of your will and set your intention on the candle so why not use a sharpie?  A sharpie can be an instrument of my will, it's even very permanent.  I can be more precise with it; they even come in colors, allowing me to add one more layer of correspondence to any given spell.

 I have watched this suggestion make witches literally twitch but I don't see why.  I am a witch of the 21st century with amazing technology of markers at my fingertips!  My Will will be permanent and pretty!

Example #2: Ritual Tool Storage

Many witches have a special box or shelf in/on which they keep their magical tools, spell components, altar decorations ect.  I also have a special box... a big, portable, many-layered yellow and black tool box.

I like to call it my 'portable altar'.  I have gotten many a skeptical look when I pull it out of my car, but those looks change to looks of grudging admiration when I can set up at least four different altars at the same time, all with materials that I safely transport wherever I want.  Forgot your chalice at home?  I gotcha covered.  Need a different color candle?  Votive, tea-light or chime?  Offering plate broke?  How many do you need?  I LOVE my toolbox!

Example #3: BOS in the Computer Age

Classic Seal of Rassilon Decal

Seriously.... see this previous post.  I want a ridiculously practical and modern Book of Shadows.  I want folders and spreadsheets and cross referenced tables and I don't want to have to hand-write it.  Again, we live in a time of fantastic technology and I do not see the issue with integrating this technology into my magical practice.

Does it really make one's knowledge more 'real' by writing it by hand?  Is the act of typing really less powerful than writing?  I don't believe so nor have I experienced a 'lessening' of power.  How about you?


  1. I had always thought the POINT of ritual, whether it be the priest of an organized Christian mass, or solitary Wiccan, is the focusing of will to achieve your intent. I think that was why I never went all the way Wiccan...I couldn't get passed the self-conciousness of talking to myself :)...I ended up finding physical Yoga practice allows me to open up to the Divine the best. But I digress. The tools, it seems to me, are not as important as the focus...but then, I'm not a "Traditionalist" in anything...~Katrina

  2. Katrina, I also agree that the tools are less important, but perhaps that's why I drive the traditionalists crazy :)