Friday, July 15, 2011

Featured Favorites Friday: Through the looking glass

Shall we saunter down the rabbit hole?  Many people in my life have a great affinity to the stories of Wonderland... and they inspire such beautiful art!

Alice in Wonderland (Which Way) -print

Joyleen from Unseelienchantments is (in my eyes) extremely talented.  Her work is full of vivid colors and unexpected contrasts.  Each piece evokes an emotion and a sense of place and personality.  Which Way draws you in and reminds of the difficult, strange and yet wondrous land Alice is faced with.  I love it when a picture can tell a story; and the Cat is awesome!

Some of my other favorites include Sleeping Beauty (Love Never Dies), Moon Fire, and Spirit of the Woods.  Her fantasy polymer clay work is also outstanding; take a look at her Lunar Water Bottle and Wand of the Forest Nymph.

Swing by and check out all the other fantastic stories told in color:

White Rabbit Bobby Pins - I'M Late

Paula at AlteredEras is one my my favorite jewelry designers and has these fantastic silver plated White Rabbit bobby pins.  I love how she sources beautiful materials and then so carefully crafts them together into beautiful accessories to brighten anyone's day.  Most of her pieces are inspired by literary works, films and beautiful places.  She's also a proud promoter of sellers from the United Kingdom on 

Her beautiful charm bracelets are always loaded with beautiful and unique pieces.  My newest favorite is her Punk'd out Butterflies that make for stunning statement necklaces.

Please swing by and see what's beautiful as times change.

Eat Me and Drink Me Vintage Luxury Wonderland Gift Tag

CraftyPagan Designs are also from the UK and have an extensive offering of luxury and custom hand-made tags and stationary.  This husband and wife team make classy and elegant paper goods that also have the perfect touch of whimsical charm with over a hundred ribbon colors to choose from.

But please don't think that tags and invitations are all they offer, I love their altered notebooks and fun favor bags too.  Please stop by and see their wide array of beautiful products and gifts.

Flamingo Croquet Gothic Fantasy Print

 Misty at gossamerfaery has truly enchanted my inner goth kid with her rendition of the flamingo croquet game and for me it's all about the detailsm, like Alice's pocket-watch hair clip, the A on her dress and the (adorable) hedgehog.  Such a fun piece... but I think I fell in love with her artwork for the eyes.

Take a look through her body of work and you will see many "Morbidly Adorable Creations" that will steal your heart away.  My other favorites are her Iguana and all of her Wizard of Oz series.  Creepy yet adorable, I love it!

Have I mentioned I love etsy :)


  1. Thanks SO much for the feature. Its a FAB blog!!

  2. What an awesome post! Thank you so much for including us at Craftypagan Designs! We're honoured to be on your blog!

  3. Great selections. The first painting is my absolute favorite!

  4. I found your blog through the Time Travelers Team on Etsy and I love it! Looking forward to reading more.

    -Abercrombie Murdoc (Obscured Artistry)

  5. love all the featured artists, simply wonderful :)

    TTT member found your blog through the TTT discussions


  6. Thank you everyone for the lovely response!

  7. I love all of these items!