Friday, December 23, 2011

Featured Favorites Friday: Toys for Pagan Tots

I hope everyone enjoyed the Solstice, is enjoying Hanukkah, will enjoy Christmas or is simply enjoying the Winter.  Please take a moment to swing through and enter my giveaway (hint: scroll to the way bottom of the post).

Felt Royal Purple Goddess
Hanging out with my munchkin has reminded me that I have wanted to do this Feature for awhile now.  As a pagan mom sometimes I wish for appropriate mini-pagan accouterments.  I had a chance to turn to etsy and Viola - Pagan Toys of AWESOME!

Thor's Hammer Felt Toy
My munchkin is personified in this amazing shop!  Treegold and Beegold is a company with a goal to, in their own words "fill a void for infant/toddler items that showcase common symbology, imagery or themes of earth-based faiths."  Velody, the owner and crafter, is a woman after my own heart, also trying to raise small people in an earth-based faith, not an easy task.

Heathen Runic Blocks Patch

You can find Velody all over the place:
Google +:

Magic Butterfly Play Wand
So after finding this awesome shop I was inspired to find more handmade pagan toys and found more beautiful felt creations!  Sharon from Butterfly Cove is also a crafting mom.  One statement in her profile really piqued my curiosity, her crafts are a 'direct result of the passions in my life' Could you perhaps let me know just a bit more about what those passions are?  She was kind enough to answer me:

Seasonal Gnomes in Sleep Sacs
"Well the beauty of nature has always inspired me to create, as on my business cards, it is written 'the metamorphosis of nature into Art'. I am inspired by nature and I use materials from nature (my most widely used source of material is wool) to create Art. I am so grateful to live on this beautiful earth, to witness the amazing change of seasons, and to be a part of the rhythm of life. That, combined with the imagination and ideas coming from my children are what inspires my creative side.

Paper Window Stars
What I meant by 'My crafts are a direct result of the passions of my life', is my first passion, which is the sheer simple untouched amazing beauty of nature, and secondly, my children to whom the shop and all of its contents is dedicated. I created my etsy shop after the birth of my 3rd child, whose middle name being 'Butterfly' became the inspiration for the shops name."

It's an amazing set of inspirations and I love them!  I can really relate to using nature as an inspiration and appreciate her Whimsy!

Ladies, thank you so much!


  1. Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

  2. I love the paper window stars! So pretty and cute. Great finds:)