Monday, December 19, 2011

My Stuff Monday: OOAK Faerie Spell

Welcome to a new feature, My Stuff Mondays.  I realize that I enjoy promoting other people but may be missing an opportunity to promote my self as well.  I love reading and spell crafting for all the wonderful people who turn into clients.  I use what I make in my shop to do crazy things like Christmas shop handmade and pay for Esoteric/Spiritual conferences, and a little more paypal towards those things is always welcome.

I'd also LOVE feedback from y'all about the items that get posted here... Whatcha think?

I love this kit:

Deluxe Faerie Spell and mini Altar kit with travel tin - OOAK - $15.00

I have put together a set of spells and travel altar pieces to invite the help of the Faeries into one's life.  Included in a sky blue travel tin are:
- Package of Faerie Wishing Powder, hand blended herbs and glitter formulated to attract helpful faeries
- Mini Altar Cloth bedecked with beautiful butterflies to claim and decorate the faerie's space
- Set of five paper flowers to represent the elements on the altar
- Set of three ribbons for a knot spell
- Dragonfly charm of semi-precious stones to focus and keep the energies of the spell with you
- Pink scented tea-light (not pictured) for the fire of the spell
- Faerie Wishes mini Spell Bottle (not pictured) for a second spell
- Full page ritual and spell instructions for everything included in the kit

I would love for this travel kit to go home to someone who welcomes the energy of faeries into their lives!