Friday, August 3, 2012

Featured Favorites Friday: Lugh Time

As the wheel of the year truns those of us in the northen hemisphere have recently celebrated the first of the harvest festivals, sometimes called Lammas and other times celebrated as Lughnassah.  Today I am sharing with you some beautiful artisan crafted items that celebrate the Celtic God Lugh.

I love the idea of these Magical Melts from Moonlit Herbals.  What a creative way to combine multiple magical components together in a way that can be used without an open flame.

Her Light of Lugh Magical Melts are scented with Satsuma Oranges, Cassis and Pineapple and contain soy wax, organic herbs and flowers, glitter, crystals and the highest quality essential, essence and fragrance oils.

This gives me an idea to set up a long-lasting spell or altar, honoring Lugh and the Light to last all day, bringing blessings and strength to my home.

 You can also find this shop on facebook.

This beautiful hand-crafted Altar Tile featuring Lugh's shield was made by one of my favorite etsy sellers, Paula of The Whimsical Pixie.  The detail is amazing and I love the grain accents along the edges.

This piece honors Lugh as a sovereign protector and warrior. For Paula, his shield represents ability and versatility, attributes that have helped us survive long winters for century's.

This tile would be a beautiful seasonal accent for not just an altar but a home as well.

The Whimsical Pixie can also be found on facebook.

This hand-sculpted pendant depicting the Spear of Lugh crafted by Caeruleus Lady of Hooded Crow Crafts just jumped right off the page at me.  The detail is amazing and as the paint is metallic it will shine as it moves.

There are many myths surrounding the Spear of Lugh including one that tells the spear head had to be kept in a pot of water or it would ignite and cause fire around it.  This pendant surely brings to light that same fiery and powerful essence.

The talented artisans at Hooded Crow Craft would be happy to work with anyone to create a beautiful and meaningful pendant to honor their own gods.  Such work makes my hear joyful.

Follow along with the goings on of the shop at their blog.

Mickie Muller is one of my favorite artists when it comes to laying the might and majesty of the Gods onto canvas and paper.  I am familiar with her main shop offering various items with her artwork on them but I have just found out that she is also the creator of a Celtic Ogham Divination Oracle called Voice of the Trees.  This is SO cool.  No really... SO COOL!

In her Voice of the Trees shop you can find prints, mugs, tarot bags, mirrors and home decor with the deep and meaningful images representing the Trees of the Ogham.

Today I chose to share with you a beautiful wall candle sconce depicting Lugh for the card of Ash.  This card represents transformation and action, breaking inertia and taking care of business.  I wish all of us the power of this card in the months ahead!

You can also find Mickie at her blog and her art website.

Have a great Friday everyone!


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