Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tarot Wednesday: 11 - Justice

Justice Tarot Card by EmbroideryEverywhere
(See, I am attempting to get back on schedule!)

As we work our way backwards through the Major Arcana we have come to 11 - Justice.  Wikipedia gives some frequent keywords:
  • Impartiality ----- Distance ----- Coldness ----- Justice
  • Objective mind----- Criticism ----- Being clever ----- Insensitivity
  • Decision ----- Intellect ----- Analysis ----- Realism ----- Severity
  • Responsibility ----- Rationality ----- Clear vision ----- Logic and reason  

When I look at this card I see blind rule by the sword and the scales.  It reminds me that what feels right is not always just.  The rule of law needs to be separate from compassion and emotions that connect us as beings.  Justice is so much bigger than individuals and needs to be able to embrace the cold impartiality of objectivity in order to serve.
The Dragon Tarot

This is not a nice card and it's not always fair.  When I pull this card for a client I remind them that life is not always fair and they need to consider taking that impartial step back to look at the situation with more objective eyes.  When a client is facing a hard decision, this card reminds them to make it with their head, not their heart; not an easy task.

How do you feel about the sword and scales?


  1. I think it's very hard to make a decision with your head, rather than your heart! I don't know if I could do that? Hope you are feeling better Kat ;o)

  2. I couldn't answer your question at the end, because I have never personally read Tarot cards.

  3. Stacy, I agree it's not easy to do. Remind me that I need to commission you to do a Wheel of Fortune tarot card piece for me :) I want to own one of your crows too!