Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Stuff Mondays and Tarot Wednesdays: catch-up

So opening weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Festival went well, if wet.  But playing catchup from the weekend has lead to me needing to catchup on this weeks posts.

My Stuff Mondays: As I'm sure everyone has heard by now, tomorrow is the second Full Moon in August, making it a Blue Harvest Moon.  Personally I feel like having an extra harvest moon is great because the strength will help to power through the harvest season reaping as much as possible.

I like to keep most of my everyday magic simple and sweet so I will share with you the following spell/blessing that can be used tomorrow night:

Hold a candle between the palms of your hands and direct all of your energy into the candle.  As you light your candle, concentrate on your desired outcome and say (either aloud, or to yourself):
                Lady of the Moon, I ask that you grant me your blessing.
                In the fullness of your light let my intention become reality.

You can find the entire spell and a New Moon Cleansing spell in my etsy shop.  Use the coupon code KAT10 for 10% off anything, just for being an awesome person.

Full Moon Blessing and New Moon Cleansing Spell Kit

Tarot Wednesdays: I feel like if I were to pull some cards for some of the regional pagan community I would be pulling the Moon and it would read as "you're too emotionally invested to see the problem clearly, consider taking a step back... way back".  The situation is beyond frustrating and I hope that the coming season of darkness will allow everyone involved the time for reflection and re-birth.  But right now, it's The Moon: There are mysteries here that have not been explored and if one can be open to hearing them, they will be rewarded.  However, if one can't step back then they will be fighting the tides and what could be inspiration will instead be madness.  Like the waning and waxing, the moon is a two edged card.
"The Moon" from The Stolen Child Tarot, a Major Arcana Deck by Monica Knighton


  1. I think our second full moon falls tonight. We always seem to be one day earlier. I will be waiting and watching ;o) Thanks for the 10%, you are an awesome person too ;o)

  2. Thanks for the information about the moon ;o)