Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MD Promo Etsy Team - Fall Into Autumn Sale and GIVEAWAY

The MD Promotions Team is holding a Fall Into Autumn Sale!
From August 15th to the 31st, you can save 5%-30% on spectacular handmade items by using the coupon code "MDFIAS" at checkout!  Over 40 Maryland Etsy shops are participating in a huge sales event!  Check out our captain's blog for the full list.

Did I mention we are having a huge GIVEAWAY too?  You can enter here or at the end of this post.

Autumn is a season of change and transformation and I'd like to honor that while featuring Maryland Promotions Team-members. I have asked hem to share with me their most trans-formative or life changing fall memory and they have agreed to allow me to share these moments with you.

large fabric covered button earrings
Mary from KissemHut is a a preschool teacher and an eclectic crafter who has a wide variety of jewelry, accessories and decor in her shop.  You can find her at her etsy shop where you can get 15% off with the code MDFIAS, blog and facebook.
We didn't have four seasons in the Philippines where I grew up. The things I knew about fall were entirely based on movies and tv shows that I've seen. I moved here to the US about 5 years ago - right when the leaves were changing. I was so fascinated with how beautiful everything was. That view was one of the first things I loved about moving here. I thought to myself that if this is what I'll see every year, then it wouldn't be so bad. The drive from Reagan Airport to our house was one of the most beautiful routes I have taken in my life and it was one of the things that assured me that I was in a whole new place. I will never ever forget how scared and excited I felt at that time.

Peridot and Pearls Multi-strand necklace
Janet from A Gems Journey and Janet's Fun Jewels has passion for the creation of jewelry and thrill of the hunt for gems.  The code MDFIAS will get you 5% off at JanetsFunJewels and 10% off at AGemsJourney.  You can also fan her on facebook.
I would have to say fall, in general has some very bitter sweet memories for me. I was way too young when my father passed and it was a cool November day. The 8 short years I had with him were the foundation of what made me who I am today. I learned to love and let go of someone who treasured every little thing I did. We loved to walk in the woods and look at the wildlife in all seasons, but fall had a special kind of magic. But best of all, I LOVED to sit and in his lap while thunderstorms rolled through. The fall storms were the BEST ... watching all the colors fall to the ground. To this day a good thunderstorm and the beginning of fall brings back all the warm memories I have of an amazing Dad.
Copper colored Wreath
Rebecca from Wreaths By RebeccaB makes each of her wreaths as if they were for her own front door, with a unique flair and eye popping beauty.  Use MDFIAS for 10% off at WreathsByRebeccaB and fan her on facebook and her website.

The birth of my second son, 5 years ago this November was a beautiful time for us! What a way to end Fall and begin the Winter months...
Another fond memory I have is jumping into a huge pile of leaves with my sisters that my dad would rake up for exactly that purpose.

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Laura from Rockefeller Crystal got tired of salivating over mesmerizing magazine pictures of crystal jewelry so she decided to create her own.  The team coupon code MDFIAS is good for 15% off at RockefellerCrystal but Laura can also be found at RockefellerJewelry and her facebook page.

My most transformative moment has to be the birth of my son on November 20. Unfortunately it wasn't the happiest time for me since I had complications delivering and I recently married the boy's father who I knew in my heart of hearts wasn't the right man for me. However, the picture is of my two babies a few years ago and it's definitely a fall moment that I will savor for the rest of my life.
Fall Place Mats
JoAnn from I Sew Much Time boasts an amazing array of Handmade Quilts, Towels, Wall Decor ,Table Runners, Bags and more.  She eats, sleeps, and quilts, hence my shop name.  She is offering 10% off at ISewMuchTime with MDFIAS and you can also be one of her first fans on facebook.
One of most life changing fall memories was a few years back when my husband and I visited Deep Creek Lake in October. We took a quilt and a picnic lunch and sat near the lake on a crisp autumn day and I remember looking around at all the beautiful scenery. I remember taking in the moment with all my senses. I could hear all the sounds of nature like the birds chirping, the water lapping on the beach, and the leaves crunching under walking feet. I could feel the wind blowing on my skin and blowing my hair so much I could hardly see. I saw all the beautiful homes on the water’s edge, and the white puffy clouds in the blue sky. What a beautiful day we had that autumn day in October at Deep Creek Lake. And then, of course, reality set in and we had to drive home. But, what a day, and we still hold those memories.
Next Wednesday I hope I can share more Autumn Memories with you, including my own.  For now, please check out the list of participating shops and their discount.

Oh yea... and enter the giveaway!

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