Friday, January 13, 2012

Pagan Blog Project WK02 - A is for Altar

A Few Notes:  I guess I will be posting twice on Fridays, but that's OK because those of you interested in the Pagan Blog Project posts will also get to benefit from being exposed to:

I miss my altar.

When I was in college I had less space but I guess I also had less stuff taking it up.  I had two milk crates stacked up with books in the bottom one, altar stuff storage in the middle and an ever-changing altar on the top.  It seems like my magic was ever-present and much more organic as it was changed, reinforced and supported all the time because my altar was in the center of my collegiate crossroads crucible.

Then I graduated, got a job, got married, moved out of my 'rents, eventually had a little one... and somewhere along the way I lost that physical manifestation of my magic and my faith.  I tried to re-capture it a couple times.
  • I asked the (now ex) husband for a third bedroom for all my witchy stuff, but that's not in the center of my world
  • I have all my witchy books in those same milk crates, but they're sitting un-read and the cat's window seat is on top of them
  • I have an heirloom bookshelf that holds all my stuff (cause I'm totally a stuff witch), but the top is for lamps and boxes and bottles... not an altar space
Thankfully I'm finally with someone who actually does support all the witchy stuff I do (and there's a lot of it) up to and including setting up an altar with me on the top shelf of our new bookcase.  It's tall enough that the munchkin will have trouble grabbing things.  The shelf space will be tall enough for candles.  I can re-arrange it whenever I want.  My DBF gets to add his stuff to it too.

And most of all it's in the center of my little apartment world, a place I can re-assert my magic and faith everyday without penciling time into my (ridiculous) schedule.  I am so excited.

**Imagine a picture here that I will add when I finally get home**


  1. So glad you've been able to make time and space for an altar. I have a little guy too, so I know what it's like to have to try and make time and too-high-for-kids-to-reach space for magic. And what a blessing to find someone supportive too!