Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Intentional: Is there a path to the divine?

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So I rarely get involved in online discussions (as they can get so drama-full) but I had to share my $0.02 over here at a Catholic blog by Katrina Fernandez.  My comment was basically a thank you to the writer for her being so upfront and honest about believing that the Catholic religion is the one and true religion.  It may seem weird but here's what I said:

"I have wandered over from Starr Foster of the Pagan Portal and just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being rational, honest and up-front about your faith and your religion. I 100% agree that true interfaith dialogue can't work when everyone is 'tip-toeing' around each other. Through your unapologetic post I feel like I would be able to give you the space to know your Church is right and you could give me space for my faith by not trying to convert me. I think it's unfortunate that some pagans, in the quest for acceptance fail to accept that some religions, like Catholicism, have a doctrine of 'one-true-way' and that just as we look for the space to practice what we believe, we must allow others the same space."

Someone replied to me as Robert E. Donadio, Esq. and basically said that the shortest way to god is a straight line and that Catholicism is that straight line.  This got me thinking... a lot.

Is the shortest way always a straight line?  ie as the crow flies vs roads.  Is it faster to go over the mountain than to follow the landscape?

DO we really have to have any path to get to the divine if it is within us?

Are all religious paths basically spirals that lead back into our own souls?

If the path to the divine is supposed to be a straight line, why all the labyrinths?

Check out the Labyrinth Society’s website, a good source of historical and practical information.


  1. My thought is this: if you go anywhere in a straight line, you miss the lay of the land, and therefore perspective.

  2. I know, right! Where's the fun and learning in the journey of you take the shortcut?

  3. Yeah... my thought too... who says the straight line is 'best'! I enjoy the journey, wherever that may take me & definitely prefer to wander along wavy lines & circular routes! To me god is not a destination but a way of being... and yes... there's no need to seek a path, just look inside.

  4. I have to agree with the others here. You should enjoy the journey more than the path. The best parts of my life have been when I've stepped off "my path". I've learned to live and love the adventure!! Thanks for sharing! This was fun to read!

    All The Love In The Universe