Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tarot Wednesday - The Hanged Man (12)

The tarot books typically describe this card as one of surrender and inner meditation; that liminal space between searching and finding.  This archetype is useful for meditation and pushing yourself to break habits and patterns of behavior.  As if the querent was in spiritual quicksand, stop struggling and start thinking of how to move forward; one should consider being willing to give up something immediate for a future goal.

When I pull this card for a client using the Celtic Dragon Deck I typically interpret it as movement forward being stalled, but all they need to do is look around and decide which option is worthwhile; using the imagery of the card, which dragon is less likely to bite them. 

I really think that's the key to understanding the deeper message of this card; that you may be swinging upside down, disoriented and urgent to get on with it, but swinging free leaves you an unparalleled opportunity to change one's perspective of the situation.  This second card (deck unknown) really embodies that feeling of allowing a shift in perspective.  Perhaps we all need to hang for a bit, supported by the above instead of the below.

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