Monday, March 5, 2012

13 Goddess WK01: Celtic Goddess Brigid

We will be missing "My Stuff Mondays" for the next 13 weeks because the lovely Hostess of Timeless Rituals (and the awesome art shop BlackPumpkin) has the most fantastic new blog challenge that I wish to participate in:

My offering this week is a spell to Brigid, a member of the Celtic Pantheon:

This spell is performed during Imbolc, Brigid’s feast; the day we remember we are half-way to spring.
Lady of the eternal fire and the healing well, please be present with me tonight.
Use a pin to carve into a yellow spell candle; let the creativity flow through your hand into the designs, runes or letters that you place on the candle.  Write out a petition paper containing three words that you are asking for the passion and motivation to complete during the upcoming year.  Light the spell candle as you burn the petition paper say the following (out loud or in your mind):
As the light of Brigid’s flame grows, let creativity rise around me.
Sit back and watch the candle burn.  As the candle is burning say 7 times: 
As the air feeds the flame, passion shall feed my creativity.
If possible, focus and meditate on your desires until the candle is almost burned out.  Combine the ashes and left over wax together and bury it in the earth as close to your home as possible.


  1. What a lovely way to celebrate Bridid and invoke creativity. This sounds like something I would want to do this upcoming Vernal Equinox. Thanks for sharing the magic!

  2. Hi I come from BlackPumpkin ;o) I thank you for Brigid's Flame Candle Spell! How wonderful! I agree with Magaly, thanks for sharing the magic ;o) I can't wait to see what you do next week ;o) Have a wonderful day ;o) Blessings, Stacy

  3. Oh, a spell. :) That is magical. Love your take on the goddess theme. :)

  4. Lovely post :D Will you be showing a spell each week for the 13 Goddess challenge? and is it ok to copy them down? I love the feel of your words :D XXX

  5. Kat, that's a wonderful spell!! Saving it for the right time! Thank you for participating and for your kind words!