Friday, March 30, 2012

Pagan Blog Project WK13: G is for Gifts (part 1)

Ahhh, the fantastic powers of Google auto-fill.  When one enters 'pagan g' and pauses (skipping past the inevitable variations of 'pagan gods') the first interesting computer generated possibility is 'pagan gifts'.  Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is presents followed by powers (psychic gifts ect.); both interesting to dive into, one this week and one next week.
Beltane Greeting Cards from FifthRealmPress
Different cultures and different families all seem to have different customs and traditions with respect to gift giving, and let’s be clear – the giving is the important part.  My family is a card family, meaning that I have always received a card for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, St. Joseph’s Day, Easter, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and (of course) Christmas, signed and stamped and typically through the mail.  My Godmother made it a point to send me a gift box for every made-up holiday that I was in college and my mother is doing the same for my cousin.  My daughter receives cards and notes the whole year through from my Aunts and Cousins and even from my parents who we see in person every Wednesday.

Web by VisionsInPrint

Each of these cards is physical representation of a connection between (at least) two people.  Many pagan paths place quite a bit of importance on the power of connections.  Each of us tries to make a personal connection with the divine and typically an energetic connection with people we share ritual with.  Energy work and healing are both dependent on intra and interpersonal connections.  Perhaps you’ve never thought about it but choosing to give a gift is initiating a connection.

Some of the cards and letters that I have received over the years have been saved and when I think of them or especially when I take them out, I feel that old connection between myself and the other person.  My spiritual sister has cards from me tapped to his door, keeping my connection with him present in his life.

If cards are a minor physical representation of a connection, gifts can be a major one.  Many of the pieces of my altar were given to me as gifts either from people or the universe; every time they are taken out I remember where it came from and my attention strengthens that connection that exists between myself and the giver.  When I use pieces from my magical tool box I choose them because of the connections and these connections add layers to my magick.

As a pagan when I choose a gift for another practitioner I do so with thought and care so that when they use what I have given them, their magick is also strengthened by the connections between us.

Pentacle Altar Table by Luna Enchantments
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  1. Great post Kat! I agree with everything you said! And, thanks for sharing the other stores with us ;o)