Friday, March 16, 2012

Featured Favorites Friday: Spring is coming!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, spring is coming!  Part of me knows this because I see the clucking bunny that heralds the arrival of my favorite candy ever; part of me knows this because there are forsythias blooming here; part of me knows this because the energetic forces around my life are swinging closer and close to the balance of the equinox.  It's exciting!

It's also a time to consider focusing on bringing the fertile and abundant energy of the season into your life.  These cascarones from SandiEnchantedGarden are whimsical but powerful witch-crafted tools to help you do just that.

This Cauldron Spash from SpelledWithaW is just the thing to enhance the mood of your ritual space.  Her work is amazing, beautiful and aromatic and the witch-crafter her self is a joy to spend time with (had a blast a Sacred Space!)
What ritual space wouldn't be more complete with this beautiful quilt wall-hanging from EveryWitchWay.  The colors are amazing and the seller's craftsmanship is beautiful (I can attest to that personally).  She has patters for every Sabbat and I believe one could talk her into making you your very own (for a fair price).

Many thanks to all the fabulous witches who craft beautiful things!  Happy Ostara!


  1. Sacred Space was fun, wasn't it? I always meet wonderful new FRINDS and see fabulous old friends, to. And I learn things even not setting a toe in a class. I am reaffirmed that people really are wonderful and good.

  2. Awwww thank you for featuring my Cascarones in your lovely post!! I ADORE the Ostara quilt!! It makes me wish I could... quilt? I don't know what it's called :(

  3. It's so exciting to see signs of springs already! Great picks for it.

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  4. Happy Ostara!What beautiful items you listed! I enjoyed going to everyone's store! Thanks for sharing and happy Spring!

  5. A very Happy Spring to you, Kat. Truly amazing to see everything rejuvenate itself and bring a radiance so neutral and new to welcome us into a new cycle. :) Just found your blog via Etsy and so very grateful, will be following you. :)