Friday, March 2, 2012

Pagan Blog Project WK09: Elements and how I view them

So... I am a solitary eclectic (which perhaps we will re-visit next week) and when I do magick it’s typically elemental based but are my elements the same as yours?  It’s a standard joke/truth that when you ask nine pagans a question you get thirteen answers so here are my elements.

Water:  I am a water person to the core (pay no attention to the Taurus birthday).  I constantly feel the flows and work with the energy.  I love it’s destructive and creative powers, even in the smallest volumes.  The ocean drives the systems of the planet just as our blood surges through our bodies.  I do see emotions as water; they ebb and flow, are adaptable to surroundings, take the shape of a container, and can be calm on the surface but contain hidden depths.  However, I live on the East Coast of the United States… water is not west of me, its east.

Stormy Seas by Yulia Kazansky Art Studio

Fire: Ok, so I might be a bit of a fire person too (what Taurus birthday?).  Have you ever noticed that fire is always consuming the material world from both ends, but provides us with something intangible yet so vital?  Passion and willpower are very similar as people can be consumed by them yet will provides the intangible drive to achieve things great and small, both creatively and destructively.  When harnessed, fire and passion are great creative forces that build and shape our world however when mis-directed or un-controlled they will consume and destroy.

Bon Fire Print by CapturingEssence

Earth: I have been told that I embody many earth-y qualities, yes I am a Taurus, but it’s not an element that I’m innately connected to.  The solidness and grounded-ness of the material world is not all that easy for me to connect to and I have no idea.  To me earth represents life, greenery, growing things, providing nutrients, even in the harshest of climes (see also lichens and extremophiles).  Did you know I have a black thumb; I’ve even killed an air fern.  Even in the most beautiful stretches of earth I’ve ever seen (Arizona) I just wanted to get to the next ocean.

Ides of Earth by SeeBee Photography

Air: Riiiiight… this element is my least favorite to call in ritual or hold energetic space for in circle.  It constantly eludes me.  I appreciate its life-supporting mass around our planet and I respect its unpredictable destructive nature, but I don’t get it.  Air, to me, represents that creative and intellectual spark that I just don’t share.  Perhaps I should look into my divination as a path to better understanding of air.

Rotating Tornadic Severe Supercell Thunderstorm by ScenicSurroundings

And for the record, my favorite on-screen representation of all four elements is Avatar: The last Air-Bender the animated series.  There’s a lot to learn from watching the four nations interact, even if it is a kids show.

Avatar The Last Airbender set of 4 buttons by ManicMarch

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  1. So interesting to read... Air - what about wind - it's an air moving? Well, I am not proficient in pagan rituals. And thank you for featuring my photo.

  2. Yulia,
    You're very right about wind being an interesting part of working with air. It's not an element I'm used to working with so new thoughts on it are very welcome. And welcome to the blog :)