Friday, March 23, 2012

Pagan Blog Project WK12: F is for Festival!

So when you type 'pagan f' into google the first auto-fill is Pagan Festivals so I thought I share a few of them.  Unlike conferences such as Sacred Space, Changing Times Changing Worlds, Pantheacon, and Between the Worlds (just to name a few) pagan festivals tend to be outside over a long weekend and involve camping, fires, workshops, big ritual and fellowship (read drum circle).

Here are some festivals in the Mid-Atlantic area that may be of interest.  If you know of any I missed, please let me know in the comments!  Even one day festivals would be wonderful to know of.

Fertile Ground Gathering - Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, VA, May 3-6
Mountain Mysteries Beltane - Heavenly Acres Campground, Stanardsville, VA, May 4-6 
Pennsylvania Faerie Festival - Spoutwood Farm, Glen Rock, PA, May 4, 5, 6
Greenbelt Green Man Festival - Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt, MD, May 11-12
Maryland Faerie Festival - Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD May 11, 12, 13
Blue Ridge Beltane - Stoney Creek Resort, Greenville, VA, May 11-13
Fires Rising at Four Quarters - Four Quarters Farm, Artemas, PA, May 30 - June 3
Free Spirit Gathering - Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD, June 12-17
Shenandoah Midsummer Festival - The Land Celebration, Gore, VA, June 22+24
Drum and Splash - Four Quarters Farm, Artemas, PA, July 4-8

All these events offer a low key but high impact experience that combines fellowship and nature.

See you there!

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  1. I absolutely loved the Green Man festival last year, and am still trying to convince Matt to go again this year. :) Thanks for the rest, these look fantastic!