Friday, February 24, 2012

Featured Favorites Friday - Here there be Dragons!

This is the coolest dragon's eye ever.  It's a Fantasy Dragon's Eye watercolor from Andi Pace of NightTime Birds, also found:!/Nighttime_Birds

This painting makes me want to stretch out my hand and dry the water from the eye ridge.  It just feels watery and full of life and wisdom to me.

Do you believe in the wisdom of dragons?

This is the tote bag of my dreams.  It's the Golden One dragon lady tote made by Melissa Lewis of Haute Totes with the amazing artwork of Meridith Dillman.  These ladies can also be found:

I want to be that beautiful in a kimono and have a little red dragon friend.  Since that's not possible I'll settle for walking around with some beautiful art on my arm.

Have you ever wanted a dragon for your very own?

I want this dragon to protect my daughter's room.  He's a CelticKnot hand-carved Dragon from the amazing Coop and Katrina at Signs of Spirit.  They can also be found:

I've personally met both Coop and Katrina at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and cannot think of a more positive and spirit-filled pair of people.

Do you have decor in your home made with such amazing love?


  1. Hopping over here from the Etsy Blog Team. :)

    Great idea for a feature post! Most of our handmade home decor is made by me. :)

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  2. Thanks again Kat for your feature and kind words! You found some beautiful dragons! K~

  3. These are some fantastic pieces! I am not sure which is my favorite.... although I may be leaning towards the gorgeous tote....