Thursday, February 16, 2012

Capital Witch: American University Faculty Member Launches Commun...

Ladies and gentlemen,

I know I've been very absent and I fully intend to make it all up to you and get 100% back on schedule, including updates to the 2012 reading challanges.

Firstly, however, please click on the link below and learn about a Community Needs survey being conducted to increase and better research about the Pagan community (in the broadest sense).  I know Dr. Reece and have full faith in her commitment to the local, regional, national and global pagan community. 

Capital Witch: American University Faculty Member Launches Community Needs Survey: Please share with love - an effort to assess the needs, challenges, barriers, and perceptions of risk faced by Pagans/Witches/Heathens


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  1. It's great to see somebody studying the community with the proper procedures in place.

    Last year I reported a student for violating human subjects research protocols.