Friday, February 17, 2012

Pagan Blog Project WK07 - D is for Daily Ritual

Do you have a daily ritual?  I'm sure the answer is yes if you think about it; it probably involves brushing your teeth, combing your hair, possibly a caffeinated beverage of some sort.  Just google 'daily ritual' and you will be directed to an amazing number of sites that offer something to improve your life as long as you do it every day.  Unfortunately the top ten results have little, if nothing, to do with someone's spiritual practice.  I know I personally keep better balance in my world if I am checking in with the PTB* on a regular basis. 

Every time I get in my car I am reminded of the triple faced goddess to whom I owe allegiance because hanging off my rear-view mirror is an amazing piece of art crafted just for me by Anne from her shop Artisanne.

It's an amazing piece that reminds me of my goddess and the power of the sea all at once every day.  Even if I don't intentionally say hi when I step in the car, as the car moves around the first turn out of my development I automatically reach out, stop it from swinging and smile to remember the amazing divinity in my life.

As strange as this my sound, my daily afternoon cigarette is also a moment of divine contemplation for me on a daily basis.  In the hectic pace of the day I take that 5-7min out, install cancer and yet enjoy the divine within and without.

I plan on adding one more Daily Ritual to the routines, and this one with my Munchkin.  I would like to, after teeth are brushed but before story time, take a moment to teach her how to pray.  I want to teach her that praying is a way to have a conversation with your Gods/Goddesses thanking them and saying good night, after all Thor is kinda like a grown up.


*PTB = Powers That Be, my slang and less that devout term for the divine.


  1. This is a thoughtful post kat... your goddess charm is gorgeous. Like the PTB thing... i think of WOUT wise ones up there. Divine at times can seem too much, well, divine i suppose... unapproachable. Def start your little one early so its just a natural part of life for her... and a special time for you together xo

  2. I have one in the car hanging from my rearview mirror - it makes me smile and puts the other drivers into perspective.

  3. You know, I started smoking as a way to (legally) alter my consciousness. I smoke the all natural ones, average a pack every 2 months. So no, it doesn't sound strange at all. I'm still trying to get my daily ritual together. I have this prayer in my BoS for my little one when s/he decides it's time to be conceived:

    (written by Lady Skylark)
    Day is done, it's time for bed
    Goddess bless my sleepy head
    Earth and Water, Air and Fire
    Bring gentle dreams as I retire
    When the morning sun does rise
    The God will bless my open eyes