Monday, February 27, 2012

My Stuff Monday: I give myself away

It's still Monday where I am so I can still get this post in :)

 Giveaway #1:

Interested in Relationship Reading?  I would prefer you bought one but... you can win one here.  The fantastic Damla at the international giveaway blog Sweepstakes Lover has done a lovely review of a reading I did for her and also agreed to give away a Love and Relationships Intuitive Tarot Reading.

Damla has been such a joy to work with and read for.  She's also in a rad band in Turkey that's really worth checking out.  Many thanks to her for supporting international giveaways of awesome things!

Head over here to enter to win me!

Giveaway #2:

And if that wasn't enough, I'm also giving away a spell kit of the winner's choice on the blogs of the fabulous Laura DeLuca.  Another fantastic write up from a talented author posted on her Author blog (check out her awesome books) and her New Age Mama review blogs as well (only enter once, please).

Laura has also been lovely to work with and I intend on doing a Guest Post for her on Basic Ritual Construction sometime soon.  So excited and many thanks to her as well!

Head over here or here to enter.