Friday, February 24, 2012

Pagan Blog Project WK08 - D is for Dragons

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Pagan Blog Project.  I hope you'll take a moment and check out the post just previous to this as there is a tie-in... Dragons.  There are pretty ones there and I'll talk about them in a witchy context here.

Yup, Dragons... what a lame topic (lol)...

So instead of focusing on Dragons in Myth I'm just going to tell you my own Dragon myths and it's up to you to discern fact from external truth from internal truth from fiction.  Ready for a random ride?

1) Once upon a time there was a Dragon Prince who wanted to be a Priestess.  It was known from his birth that he was his fathers favorite and the eventual heir to the crown of the Dragon Court, however his heart was always called to the life of a Priestess.  He marked the cycles and changes of the Court and the world and felt the pull to serve the Great Dragons, but he feared deep inside that it was not to be.  Due to his disappointment he outwardly became the most precocious and frustrating child known to Dragonkind, but underneath his arrogant and ignorant exterior he observed, cataloged, learned and waited.  When his Father finally forced his hand and gave him the Throne this Priestess turned King demonstrated such a deep understanding of the Court and the way of Dragons that none could stand against him, though they tried, and none could move against him from the shadows, though they tried.  He will rule with head as he must and heart when he can, knowing that his time to serve the Great Dragons is but delayed.

 2) Once upon a time there was a Bastard who took the throne, once.  The King of the Dragon Court had many children, most of them bastards, but there is only one known as The Bastard.  If the Bastard had been legitimate perhaps the Heir would have been free to follow his calling, but we'll never know for certain.  The Bastard, motivated by the scorn of the Throne, dedicated his learning to politics and martial weapons and became the most feared potential opponent of his father.  This fear was well grounded as one day the Bastard used all his skill, defeated the King, sent him to the the dungeons and claimed the Throne, for at least a little while; a feat not matched before or since.

3) Once upon a time, between the world of mortals, lay the Courts of The Fae, the Wizards and the Dragons (among others).  These courts intersect the world of mortals in dreams and myth and sometimes in blood.  There are mortals among us who carry the blood of the Courts, some more than others thanks to intersecting lineages.  Some mortals can call to the Courts and even exist in them in the between.  Interestingly enough, the Courts have only an uneasy alliance as they wait for the end to the Reign of Angels and Demons and the beginning of the Reign of Elementals.
4) Once upon a time, when Dragons rules the skies and Atlantis ruled the sea, the people of Atlantis and the Dragons of the moral world were at peace.  Specially chosen Priests of each race even bonded into a fighting pair of Rider and Dragon to protect their homeland and peoples.  As the end of the Reign of Elementals came to an end, heralding the Reign of Angels and Demons, the balance of the two Atlantean races shifted and man begin to believe that they were more equal than the dragons that shared their land.  Thus came about the end of a great nation and the presence of dragons in the between of the mortal world.

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